Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shanty Bay

Yesterday I finally had time to visit with a friend and her lovely daughter at a place called Shanty Bay, about 1 hours drive north of Markham on Lake Simcoe.  It was a gorgeous day for the drive and a perfect day to be close to the water... it was hot, humid and just like a summer day should be... as long as you somewhere by the water!

I wasn't so sure that Priscilla was going to see lots of action.. it simply was not a day for hot tea, even tho I like hot tea on hot days, but no everyone does.  Nevertheless, there was upsolutely no way I was going without her.

Michelle and her daughter Maddy and Tuala their dog, had prepared a lovely luncheon in the shady part of the garden and as I thought, no hot tea, but refreshing glasses of Lemon/Orange Perrier.   Michelle's  garden is lovely and  as much as the summer heat had parched the gras, heir flowers were in abundance in beautiful shades of red and violet.

and BlueJays joined us to enjoyed the waterbath.  Priscilla in the meantime, patiently waited for us in the sitting area of the house, kept company by sturdy cottagers mugs.

Lunch was delicious, young spinach leaves with arugula and garden herbs, raspberries and blackberries, with a lovely blueberry vinegrette and sprinkle with bluecheese...  and freshly steamed schrimps, tossed in a savory garlic sauce, some homegrown tomatoes and boccochini and a simple baguette to dunk it all up.  YUM!

As it was getting hotter and hotter, we decided to move our visit into the cooler home and we were ready for a simply cup of tea.  It was a lovely green tea, tossed with a sprig of Mint with a little bit of honey... just enough to sweeten it and I christined it Shanty Bay Mint.   Michelle and Maddy were delightful hosts and Tuala had made friends with Priscilla in the meantime and you can see why!

I had a lovely time and so did Priscilla, I am sure she now wants a pet. 

Next stop, Thursday, a very special event hosted by my friend Kathryn Asaro Mayers... so make sure you check in again.  Ingrid and Priscilla

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Tea

Since arriving in Canada, Priscilla has taken a bit of a rest.  Her journey was a long one, understanding the meaning of "eh" after every sentence was something to get used to and having to compete with a "Brown Betty" in the Folkers household was not to her liking. 

To top it of, her host Ingrid got her hair chopped off  and she did not like it at all.  There was no way she was going to be photographed and it took a few days for her to cheer up.  Last Thursday, when Priscilla found out she was to be come along to a Birthday Afternoon Tea and be prettily decked out with carnations, she hardly slept all night... such was her excitement.

Knock, Knock....

Priscilla receives a royal welcome at Judith's home, the hostess and birthday girl.

Soon Ingrid was busily arranging the table and with a sigh of relieve, Priscilla prettily plopped herself down in the centre of the table, waiting for the guests to arrive.
As the guests arrived they were treated to a refreshing drink of lichee, lemon and perrier.

While enjoying  their first cup of Earl grey tea, freshly baked scones with clotted cream and lemon curd were being served.

As much as Priscilla wanted to take photographs with all the guests at the table, it is not something that was possible,  and while everyone was enjoying the scones, Ingrid was putting on the finishing touches of a lovely summer salad.

On a sweet juicy watermelon, layers of avocado, lobster, radishes and taboule, served with a quail egg on chai mayonnaise, white currants an cheddar cheese scone biscotti.  Followed by a few savories.

The traditional Victorian Cucumber sandwich with lemon/dilled butter, Calla Lilly Egg, Ingrid's Curried Chicken Medaillon, and Smoked salmon with daikon and cucumber, accompanied with sweet Champagne grapes.

To cleanse the palet, the guest were served a 2012 fresh Spring Angi Bai Cha, truly a wonderful China tea.

For the sweets, Ingrid prepared  Raspberry Pot de creme, French Chai Macrons, Matcha Cookies.

As well a new creation of Pineapple Tartlette, a pate brisee with jellied pineapple mousse  on the inside.  Topped with a White Chocolate/Mascarpone cream and decorative white currants.

What would a birthday be without a birthday cake!

This was a beautiful Caraibe dark chocolate mousse, crispy praline (bottom) and vanilla creme brule on the inside, served with a lovely champagne "Il Vino Dell' Amore".

What a great party this was and Priscilla, now feels right at home and is looking forward to the next celebration tea.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Welcome to Canada Priscilla

As you can see she arrived safe on Tuesday,  after her 326 miles journey from Broadview Heights, Ohio, to Markham, Ontario.  I particularly loved the address label.  Lucille you did such a beautiful job, I took great care to open the parcel by cutting off the top!   Once I got that done, what delightful surprises, as I unpacked one gift after another. 

I will use the spoons with my most dearest friends, I will attached the tags on special gifts,.. the notebook just might come on the Camino with me this Fall.  I will take the tissue for sure, you never can have enough tissue on an 800 km walk-about. I LOVE lavendar,  and thank you for the lovely  thoughts and the frame now stands amount my collection of teacups.  

I showed my husband the passport and for a minute he was tricked into believing that Priscilla had her own passport... I got a good chuckle out of this.   I must say, it looks so real!

I've had my first cup of tea, yesterday as promised to celebrate 4th of July, after all, what kind of host would I be by not celebrating Priscilla's most important holiday.  I steeped a lovely Yunnan Gold from this years Spring harvest, brought directly from the teagarden by my very dear friend Tao, who spend time in Fujian and Yunnan this April.  I think that was the proper tea to introduce Priscilla to Canada. 

She will be off to her first outing tomorrow... so be sure to check in on us.   Ingrid

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Last Days with Priscilla

June 30th, 2012
Dear Ladies,

Well this is my last blog about my time with the little Purple Teapot, Priscilla.  I have to say that this was a most charming and lovely experience for me.  I enjoyed sharing her so much, it is difficult to tell you what a special time it was for me at the most perfect time in my life.

I didn’t do the traditional things with her, as Mary Jane did, but we did have tons of teas with all the neighborhood stores in my neighborhood and Priscilla brought good cheer to all . . . She is truly loved here in Broadview Heights.  I won’t take up a lot of time with all our fun adventures, but instead will explain with pictures.  I want to take this time to thank LaDonna for keeping track of all that we do and coaching me along the way, how special she is!  And I want to thank Ingrid for her help as well.  Now on with Priscilla’s travels. Ingrid, I KNOW you will enjoy her as much as I did.

Fondly,   Lucille

June 13, 2012

This was a framed welcome sign for Priscilla
made by Ed Wright, Owner of Miss Molly's Tea
Room, in Medina, Ohio.  It is one of the nicest
Tea Rooms in "our" area . . . .  that was a nice
start to our day together.

Priscilla with her sign

Karen and Sharon enjoying the afternoon

Nickki and Audrey

Kay and Joyce

Sandy, her Daughter and Grandaughter

Ann and Me

The entrance into the gift shop

Our lovely and effecient server, Paula

Miss Molly's Tea Room was awarded
The Best Tea Room for two years in a row

June 18th, 2012
(Michael Angelo's, a very upscale Bakery in Cleveland
Musical Bones, a Piano Studio
and Soft and Sassy, a lovely, sweet yarn and knit shop)


Priscilla posing with some cupcakes

"Tea Please"

Matt, the owner posing with Priscilla

Priscilla just "had" to have a Russian Tea Biscuit

Priscilla snuggled up with the Chocolates


Exposing Priscilla to some cultural music

She wants to learn to play


Priscilla makes herself at home in the Yarn Shop

 She made a another new friend


Posing again!!!

She loves her scarves

Priscilla and Me going leaving to go home.
we had wonderful visits with everyone

Fresh, a wonderful deli cafe
and Vallyhill Travel


Priscilla indulging herself with sweets

Ann waiting for a cup of tea

Me, pouring our tea

Mike, the Owner of Fresh (he loved Priscilla too)


Priscilla looking at her upcoming travel plans

Me, showing her where she is right now

Ann and Beth, the Owner of Valley Hill showing her
where she will be going . . .

Posing again (by Ohio)

Priscilla wants to take a closer look at Canada

June 29, 2012


Shipping Priscilla to Ingrid (how sad), I will
miss her and her darling ways.  She was
a delightful companion to share with my
friends and business associates

Bon Voyage Priscilla, I will be  keeping track of everything you will be doing, have fun and just maybe I will see you again . . . .