Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tea on "wheels"

Priscilla slept well in her new surroundings.

She was up early and quick to help with the morning chores.  Her first pot of tea in our home was Earl Grey.

Mariage Freres is my favorite Earl Grey blend.  Tea this morning will be "on the road".  When my morning cuppa is on "wheels", I usually select a fruity blend.  I enjoy part of it hot during my morning drive.  What is left, I drink iced on the return trip.

These Tervis cups keep drinks hot or cold (without sweating) for quite some time.  I was gifted these cups over two years ago.  They work as well as they did when I received them.  Usually, the large one is filled with hot tea, and the smaller with ice for the leftover afternoon tea.  They have a lifetime guarantee.  They are produced in Venice Florida.  Made in the USA!

This is my morning commute breakfast tea tray.  Our chickens supply us with fresh eggs.  The chocolate croissant is from Trader Joe's.  It proofs overnight and is baked hot and fresh in the morning.  I found the package in the back of my freezer while cleaning yesterday and the expiration date is quickly approaching.  Grapes are great travel food and complete my breakfast this morning.  I only dream of a breakfast tea tray delivered to my bedroom in the morning.  

Priscilla and I are off to enjoy our day!  We hope you have a "tea"lightful day as well!

Sips and Smiles,


La Tea Dah said...

A yummy breakfast --- so beautiful 'for the road'. And I love your travel tea containers! Enjoy your day, Teresa!

La Tea Dah said...
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La Tea Dah said...
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Marilyn said...

Have a great day out and about with this special teapot. Your breakfast is exactly the kind of breakfast I would love. Now I must check at Trader Joe's. What a pretty tea tray, love polka dots. I must say you tea cabinet looks so well organized and just the perfect tea station. Now I am wishing for an organized tea cupboard.

relevanttealeaf said...

I can see why Priscilla adjusted well to her new surroundings. Love your tea cabinet and tea station - and your choice of tea too!

Rosemary said...

That morning commute breakfast is fit for a queen! Lovely! Glad to know that Priscilla is helping with morning chores!

Karen's Place said...

Hope you had a special day.

Deanne said...

Teresa, you have inspired me with your morning commute breakfast tea tray! It's lovely! And, your specially-appointed "tea station" is beautiful with your collection of favorite teas... I will definitely make of a point of trying the Mariage Freres Earl Grey!