Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Very Helpful Teapot

There are so many things that The Traveling Teapot
has helped with here at the Tea Room.

Have you ever used a teapot for a String Dispenser?
It works wonderfully and you could take a teapot
that may have a little crack in it that may no longer
be useful for brewing tea and use it for this purpose.
Just feed the string through the spout and place
the ball of string in the teapot!

Does a teapot only have to be for tea?
Not at our house.
Milk and cookies with a favorite
wee one or just for one.

Since the roses are having a blooming riot in the garden,
why not fill a teapot with a colorful bouquet?
Put it in a place to admire and it will make you smile.

A little bird told me that a teapot makes a lovely
home for a feathered friend.

I purchased this pretty in pink teapot birdhouse,
but have made others by using a ceramic
bit to drill a hole in a teapot to
provide a sweet nesting place.

What other interesting things can you do with a teapot?
Just use your imagination!


Rosemary said...

Love the string dispenser idea!

Marilyn said...

How creative you are. I hadn't thought of a string dispenser, but such a good idea.

Pearl's Tea said...

You have put the teapot to sooo many tasks and taught us all such clever uses for our many teapots- besides just making and pouring tea and sitting looking lovely. Hope I can remember them- help with ironing, string holder, pancake batter pourer...