Wednesday, October 31, 2012



While visiting me, the little plum traveling teapot will have a bit of a different twist and will be steeping some interesting teas, tisanes and botanicals for virtual tea times to share with each of you.
Please join me often to see what special tea the little plum pot might be steeping.  Pour yourself a cup and settle in for some fun.   

I hope that you’ll enjoy the little surprises along the way as we explore beautiful Orange County.    I really want to share its natural beauty as well as some of the other fun things that living here offers.

Orange County’s greatest strength is its chameleonlike nature.  Just when you think you have it figured out, you stumble across a vision of So. Ca. that is nothing like what you imagined.
We begin your virtual visit to The OC with a cream tea to welcome you.

 So pick a trio from my favorites, fork a scone, spoon on some real English clotted cream and some jam and let the little plum teapot pour you a cup.  

 Today it is steeping a caffeine free botanical blend of organic and fair trade Chamomile, Lavender, Roses,  Rose hips and Pink Peppercorns called *Welcome*--- a floral cup with a thin liquor and a sweet and spicy character by the Art of Tea.
This picture has hung in the guest rooms of my family for three generations and now welcomes guests to my home.  It is an old fashioned sentiment and I want to welcome you with it today.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tea Party in a Box

Tea Party in a Box ~ Express from Paris to The OC
It’s always fun to receive a package, but even more exciting to receive one Express mail with a customs sticker from Paris!  Andrea packed up the little Traveling Teapot with its accumulated belongings so carefully and it has arrived in The OC.  Thank you, Andrea, for your nice note and for the thoughtful gifts that you included for me.
As soon as I opened the box, I knew that I would be enjoying my own Parisian Tea Party!  Opening the canister of Mariage Frères Pleine Lune was an experience in of itself. The aroma of this tea is pure delight, This is very special for me as it brings back wonderful memories of enjoying tea at their shop on the Left Bank in Paris five years ago.
So……. tonight  the *little plum pot* is steeping this lovely Pleine Lune tea to enjoy with Financiers amandes and Tartelettes citron by Bon Maman.  Oh my, the French know how to do things.  These fancy and delicious tea time treats are boxed and they don’t have any calorie counts on the boxes.  What a happy thing!  Pure enjoyment and no guilt!  Thank you, Andrea.
There were some other delightful surprises tucked in too.  Merci ~

“In the French tradition to infuse your day with a moment of luxury and wonder.  Close your eyes and inhale the uplifting aroma that floats from this steaming cup.”

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chapter four of the traveling teapot's French adventures,in which.... throws a tea party for Andrea's Mother-in-law and contributes to world peace!

this little teapot had quite a busy Sunday afternoon:

he was throwing a tea party for my mother-in-law, who lives in Versailles (about seven miles from us)  near the "château"

and Justin Beaver, who had made friends with a little bear from Berlin called "Otto" (can you tell that my daughter got really into this!) helped the teapot to foster the understanding of the nations!
A bientôt!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Third chapter of the traveling teapot's French saga... which we learn where the teapot rests between his adventures!

Actually he rests in a happy jumble we collected mostly when we lived in Russia in the early nineties.

This happy jumble (which needs to be straightened up desperately, right next to a blue and white Russian tea set) seemed the perfect resting spot for this adventurous teapot!

A bientôt, mes amies!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The traveling teapot's first sunday breakfast on the Continent

On his first Sunday in France the traveling teapot was happy to "taste" his first French croissants, he quite liked them as did his Canadian travel companion Larry or Justin Beaver or... (you all have to help me out here!)
A +

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The traveling teapot arrived safely in France

I am happy to report that the traveling teapot made it in one piece.
I was overwhelmed by all this attention to detail, e.g. the passport is a work of art! And the tea cozy by marmalady so lovely! And Linda's instructions and gifts, thank you!
And Mary Jane, thank you for the stickers!
Ingrid, my daughter asks how the beaver is called, does he have a name?
I have more photos on my phone, need to transfer these but they are of inferior quality though!
A bientôt!