Monday, June 25, 2012

Priscilla's Travels with Me

Well my little “friend” got all dressed up again today, I think she is trying to mimic me! My,Oh My she IS a jewelry hound. First we went to the Dry Cleaners, everyone loved her there. Then I literally ran into my Pastor who thought the whole idea was fun and charming, of course she wanted her picture taken with him, then I attended a Chamber Meeting, everyone there just loved her, and after careful deliberation, (including the men), she was finally named Priscilla (at least here in Broadview Heights). Well you can just imagine how she acted there! With all her jewelry and such, she stole everyone’s heart AND she was a bit flirty with the men in suits (what is up with that)? She has poured 10 pots of tea to 22 people, in just five short days. She is indeed an "ambassador of friendship" wherever she goes (LaDonna’s words), and she is becoming my little charming sidekick.

I am going to take her to a friend of mine today, as she just had surgery and is kind of “down”. I am sure Priscilla along with some great White Plum Tea will cheer her up for sure . . . I have many more plans for her will keep you updated as I go . . .

Fondly, Lucille (and Priscilla)

P.S. I think she will have a different personality where ever she goes, it seems that she does take on the personality of whomever she may be with. I LOVE to get all dressed up and be very lady like and refined, then I have a fun side, and I also have a sense of humor, so she is being exposed to "all of me". Be patient Ingrid, I promise she will be well behaved and a wonderful lady when you receive her.

Pastor Doug, Me and Priscilla


Cheryle, Sue and Priscilla at Chamber Meeting

Priscilla waiting for her Tea to brew
she has lemons waiting . . .

Priscilla brewed a cup of Tea for Ann

Priscilla LOVES lemon with her tea

My friend Gertie who was thrilled to have a visit
from Priscilla and me . . . she feels better after having
a cup of tea with some wonderful scones!

I have so much more to post and am in the process of editing and writing the rest of her fun and frolic while here in Broadview Heights. I am so sorry that on this coming Wednesday I will have to bring her up to the UPS store and send her to Ingrid in Canada, I will really miss my little friend. 

Fondly,   Lucille

Friday, June 15, 2012

Shopping Day with the Teapot

Dear Ladies,

Well we, (the Teapot and Me) had SO much fun today, we went shopping at Fantastic Finds, a cute little Shop close by, and I gave her an allowance, and she bought herself a little purse, a flowered hat AND a little Red Hat . . . she wanted her picture taken everywhere in the store and I was exhausted after all that, but she is just a joy and so happy. I love to watch her have so much fun

Then she wanted to go to Bachelor Button, a local Florist and see the flowers and look at all the "pretties", so I took her there and AGAIN, she just couldn't get enough pictures taken of her, (and she even got a little edgy), she wanted her picture to be taken with these new glitter figurines, can you imagine! Not the little "Miss Priss" Teapot that I thought she would be. So I took the pictures, but when she wanted her picture taken with a glass of wine I didn't know what to do so I indulged her, and of course the wine matched her almost perfectly!

Then we went to my ENT. Well she is a picture hound for sure, she wanted her picture taken with the receptionist, in the waiting room, and then with then with the Doctor. I was so embarrassed, but he said his wife LOVES tea and wants to join my Tea Society, so I guess it was okay.

Then the finale, we went to Dress Barn, a ladies store and she went WILD for the jewelry, she had me put on hats, tons of jewelry and at the end she wanted a scarf around her with a tilted hat; she did look charming, but I think she is a little bit spoiled. Do you think that Mary Jane spoiled her a bit? (lol) After all she was in the hands of royalty with her and drinking only the best of teas. I have to get her to mind her manners and expose her a more refined way of living. Maybe being in the box and going through the storm got her a little bit off course. Tonight I will give her a nice bath and tuck her in, I can see that she is as exhausted as I am.  In all honesty, I had SO much fun with today and have plans for tomorrow too.

Thanks for this fun, you have brightened up my life and I am truly having so much fun with this little purple teapot . . . .she is adventuresome, that is for sure!

Fondly, Lucille


This is just a darling little shop, and the Teapot
purchased herself a little purse, a few hats and
just wanted to pose all over the shop . . . .

Posing next to the Tea Room

Jennifer with the Teapot, she is  the Owner of the Shop

The Teapot posing with all the beautiful little treasures

Me, leaving with the shop with The "Teapot"

The Teapot and me arriving at the Bachelor Button, a Florist Shop

The Teapot posing with all their jewelry and glitter

The Teapot trying to hide in the greenery

Me leaving the Bachelor Button

Arriving at the Doctor's Office

Checking in . . . .

In the Reception Room, the Teapot was getting tired
(so was I)

The Audiologist, Jessica

My Doctor, he got a kick out of the Teapot!

We arrive at DressBarn, a Women's Clothing Store
for a Photo Shoot  .  .  .  what fun this Teapot is!

The Teapot LOVES the jewelry, and those
colors look good on her

This is her more "casual" look

A more dressed up casual look she HAD to have
the sunglasses . .

She fell in love with this scarf  (so did I)

Well now we are going to go home and have some of Mary Jane's tea, this has been a busy
but fun day, now she will do what she is "supposed" to do, and that is to brew me some wonderful tea . . .I can't wait!

~ Lucille ~

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Teapot Arrived in Broadview Heights

June 2, 2012

Dear Ladies,

The little Teapot had a hard time getting here. On Friday when I thought it would arrive, I had to be gone for awhile and when I returned, I was so sad that it wasn't there, but happy because we had really had a bad storm, BUT then I got a call from my neighbor when she saw that I was home and she told me that she had a package that she took in because of the storm (the teapot was saved). The winds and rain were terrible. So the next morning she came over with the "box", it was from M.J.C. *** Amherst Rd., N.E., Massillon, OH 44646, and of course had my mailing address on it, AND it was marked fragile, fragile, fragile all over it, and on the side it said "Have Fun". Well Mary Jane and Ladies of ATAA, I will have fun with it. I took some pictures, but I guess I can't post them here [on the chat list], so my next task is to have a cup of tea and then attempt to post the pictures on the blog. I am so excited to around my town and out to tea and have my little "friend" with me as I go . . . the travels won't go far, but where they go will be more than special and I will have a month of special teas with tons of special people. Thank you for honoring me with this opportunity . . . . . And thank you Mary Jane for the way you boxed up the teapot, the pink/mauve tissue paper and the darling little goodies you included to enhance my tea experience, I appreciate it all more than I can say.

Fondly, Lucille

Oh my, does that look like Yummy Tea from Mary Jane!  I think I will share this with my girlfriends who just had a Birthday, we are having dinner tomorrow night, we will enjoy this special Tea for sure!!! 

Now that I have just learned to "blog", I will post the balance soon, I thank you all for your patience.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Wondrous Adventures

Our traveling teapot and those who host it are ambassadors of friendship and good-will. Traveling so many places in such a short amount of time, the traveling teapot has the ability to see parts of the world that some can only dream about. 

Today the traveling teapot surprised me with a special message that arrived in my mail box. Can you read it? It's a post card and it says:  I am having wondrous adventures with Mary Jane as she travels in Canada! Thank you for sending me off on this amazing journey... Love from - The Traveling Teapot!

It warmed my heart!  Thank you, Traveling Teapot, for the lovely post card! And thank you, Mary Jane, for helping the teapot with the penmanship! Safe travels as your journey continues!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bon Voyage to The Traveling Teapot

The Traveling Teapot is now on its way to make
more new friends with Lucille.
Have fun and enjoy your time with
The Little Purple Teapot.

The Traveling Teapot Traveled 1,218 Miles During our Travels

Bon Voyage to The Traveling Teapot!

Afternoon Tea Is Served at The Prince of Wales

Enjoy Afternoon Tea With The Traveling Teapot

The Traveling Tea Pot and Sandy

With our Appreciation and Sincere Thanks
 to our lovely server Sandy.
She made our experience very special
and an Afternoon Tea to remember.

Our expectations were exceeded at the
Prince of Wales.

An Elegant Tea at The Prince of Wales

I have dreamed of having tea at The Prince of Wales Hotel
in Niagara-on-the-Lake in Canada.

My wonderful DH Carl is always so willing to
attend Afternoon Tea with me,
and so he is joining me on this very special occasion.

 Anticipation built as we approached the beautiful
historic hotel with all of its
elegance and grandeur.

 As we strolled down the street we admired the
outdoor dining portico.

The Red Carpet is rolled out to greet every guest!

Having seen photos of the elegant tea salon,
I was looking forward to this experience
with great anticipation.

As we entered the Grand Lobby we were
almost overwhelmed by the exquisite appointments
and the spectacular floral arrangements.

Our eyes were drawn to the statuary
at the end of the lobby lit by an opulent chandelier.

Amore & Psyche

The Peacock Window

The Drawing Room Tea Salon rivals any I have seen in London.
From the floor to the ceiling it is a delight to behold
and sets the stage for an intimate Afternoon Tea Experience.

We were greeted at the reception area and ushered into
The Drawing Room
to a table in in front of the ornate fireplace.


The Traveling Teapot took her place on a
  classic needlepoint chair.

Carl and I sat on the love seat and . . .

Tea Was Served

For the Afternoon Tea Menu and more information you may go here.