Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back To College

      Prissy helped send my daughter off to college with a large family breakfast.  We had a guest in town from Arizona who was staying with us until college began.  Our family breakfasts are always large and filled with noise, confusion, and loads of laughter.  We may have overwhelmed our guest just a tad, but we made up for it by introducing her to tea.  She was tickled pink to meet our little purple pot.

After filling the horde up with breakfast and tea.  We loaded up the van and the truck and took off for William Woods College which is a two hour drive.  As my daughter says, "Close enough to come home, but too far for mom to live with me". 


Karen's Place said...

Oh how special, I can just hear the chatter around the breakfast table with the plum teapot. You reminded me of my own daughter's leaving for college to Westmont in Santa Barbara,CA four hours from Mom & Dad.
Gosh savor these moments...

Marilyn said...

How exciting for your daughter to be venturing out, but still stopping to have tea before she leaves.

amherstrose said...

A lovely sendoff for your sweet daughter! A memory to be treasured and it is always fun to share tea with someone new. The Traveling Teapot has indeed become an ambassador of tea. I have enjoyed your adventures with the little purple pot, Karen.

Have a happy day,
Mary Jane