Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Appearance by the Traveling Teapot

Today the teapot went traveling.
Tucked into my basket we ventured out
for a visit with my 92 year old Aunt Arlene.
She was thrilled to share in the adventure.
Inside the teapot was Celestial Seasonings
Candy Cane Lane.
Then what is a pot of tea without something sweet.
We had Victoria Sponge Cake with
strawberry jam and mascarpone filling.
It was a special afternoon tea shared
with the Traveling Teapot and my aunt.


La Tea Dah said...

A perfect adventure for the little plum teapot! And how nice to be able to meet Aunt Arlene!

Linda J. said...

This was a tea-lightful adventure with the Traveling Teapot and your beautiful Aunt Arlene.

Karen's Place said...

Tea with your Aunt Arlene how nice to share the little plum teapot and cake.

Time Traveling in Costume said...

Oh my! Look at that Victoria Sponge! Its awesome.

samovar said...

what a great idea to bring the tea pot to someone!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful setting for a beautiful lady. The cake looks delicious - and I like the tea you chose to go with it. This post made me smile. xxx

Robin CW said...

This was so very sweet! Very special. Thank you for this posting.

Joyce said...

The cake looks so wonderful...I think this is a sweet ideal. Would love to help participate but I opted out of the ATAA...I had too many things coming into my inbox to keep up with so cut a few things off. :-/
Life is busy!
But not too busy for TEA!

Rosemary said...

What a delightful afternoon tea for the Traveling Teapot! Your Aunt looks so pleased! Thank you for sharing this visit and also your Easter gathering.