Monday, April 9, 2012

The Traveling Teapot does Easter

Preparations were made.
Two teapots were waiting.
The one with the sweater on
was the Traveling Teapot.
It would hold a special Tiekuanyin Oolong.
The other would hold a tisane of Tulsi.
It was a special time shared with friends
and family around the tea table.
Easter Tea is our family tradition.
The Traveling Teapot just made it all
the more special.
The story was shared and
those sitting there loved hearing
about our Traveling Teapot.


Steph said...

Everything is so beautiful!

Ingrid said...

Lovely Easter Table Marilyn. We had our traditional Easter Brunch, just 3 of us, everyone else was working. Such is the lot of nurses and caregivers, but what a blessing they are to us all. I alsways say God's angels on earth.

I love your teapot warmer, they are so much nicer than the plain glass ones. One day, I will splurge and get a few.

Looking forward to your next Travelling Teapot story. Hugs Ingrid

Anonymous said...

Charming Marilyn, absolutely charming! I also spied some little animals on the table - surely there must be a story behind them? (P.S. LOVE your wall colour - do you recall the name?)

Anonymous said...

Your Easter table is a lovely setting for the traveling teapot. Love your chicken feeder filled with Spring grass and the little yellow chicks. A very special "first" tea party for our traveling teapot.