Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shanty Bay

Yesterday I finally had time to visit with a friend and her lovely daughter at a place called Shanty Bay, about 1 hours drive north of Markham on Lake Simcoe.  It was a gorgeous day for the drive and a perfect day to be close to the water... it was hot, humid and just like a summer day should be... as long as you somewhere by the water!

I wasn't so sure that Priscilla was going to see lots of action.. it simply was not a day for hot tea, even tho I like hot tea on hot days, but no everyone does.  Nevertheless, there was upsolutely no way I was going without her.

Michelle and her daughter Maddy and Tuala their dog, had prepared a lovely luncheon in the shady part of the garden and as I thought, no hot tea, but refreshing glasses of Lemon/Orange Perrier.   Michelle's  garden is lovely and  as much as the summer heat had parched the gras, heir flowers were in abundance in beautiful shades of red and violet.

and BlueJays joined us to enjoyed the waterbath.  Priscilla in the meantime, patiently waited for us in the sitting area of the house, kept company by sturdy cottagers mugs.

Lunch was delicious, young spinach leaves with arugula and garden herbs, raspberries and blackberries, with a lovely blueberry vinegrette and sprinkle with bluecheese...  and freshly steamed schrimps, tossed in a savory garlic sauce, some homegrown tomatoes and boccochini and a simple baguette to dunk it all up.  YUM!

As it was getting hotter and hotter, we decided to move our visit into the cooler home and we were ready for a simply cup of tea.  It was a lovely green tea, tossed with a sprig of Mint with a little bit of honey... just enough to sweeten it and I christined it Shanty Bay Mint.   Michelle and Maddy were delightful hosts and Tuala had made friends with Priscilla in the meantime and you can see why!

I had a lovely time and so did Priscilla, I am sure she now wants a pet. 

Next stop, Thursday, a very special event hosted by my friend Kathryn Asaro Mayers... so make sure you check in again.  Ingrid and Priscilla


La Tea Dah said...

Such a lovely afternoon --- great friends, a lovely garden, and a delightful teapot, just waiting to be an ambassador of tea.

Was Tuala drinking tea? Cute!

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed your post, Ingrid!

Marilyn said...

It sounds that eventhough the day was hot you did find time and the perfect place to share our little plum teapot with friends. That is what this ambassador of tea is all about.

Rosemary said...

What a beautiful summer afternoon! Your Shanty Bay Mint sounds like a delightful iced green! And lucky Tuala has made a new friend!

relevanttealeaf said...

Enjoyed your post and photos today, Ingrid! I know of a lady in Arizona who always gave her dog tea to drink.

Victorian Lady said...

Oh Ingrid, I am so happy that Priscilla is getting out in the world and experiencing all these delightful and wonderful
things you are exposing her to. Wouldn't that be cute if Priscilla DID have a pet, I wonder what kind of pet that might be?????

Linda J. said...

It looked like a great day for the traveling a teapot.

Time Traveling in Costume said...

I was served ice tea out of a teapot one time at the McCharles House. It still had the feel of drinking tea but was very refreshing on a hot and sultry day.
Your friend's garden was a beautiful place for tea, and I particularly enjoyed seeing the Blue Jays since all we have are brown sparrows.

Ingrid said...

Thank you to everyone who is enjoying the blog entries and leaving comments. I truly enjoy having Priscilla here. Time has passed so quickly and it is almost time to send her on a journey again. But not before meeting some lovely ladies and gentlemen tomorrow for a Breakfast Farewell tea for myself. Last but not least I will take her on Monday to a friend in Wasaga beach and she will be part of a small WuWei ceremony...so keep checking in. Cheers, Ingrid and Priscilla