Thursday, July 5, 2012

Welcome to Canada Priscilla

As you can see she arrived safe on Tuesday,  after her 326 miles journey from Broadview Heights, Ohio, to Markham, Ontario.  I particularly loved the address label.  Lucille you did such a beautiful job, I took great care to open the parcel by cutting off the top!   Once I got that done, what delightful surprises, as I unpacked one gift after another. 

I will use the spoons with my most dearest friends, I will attached the tags on special gifts,.. the notebook just might come on the Camino with me this Fall.  I will take the tissue for sure, you never can have enough tissue on an 800 km walk-about. I LOVE lavendar,  and thank you for the lovely  thoughts and the frame now stands amount my collection of teacups.  

I showed my husband the passport and for a minute he was tricked into believing that Priscilla had her own passport... I got a good chuckle out of this.   I must say, it looks so real!

I've had my first cup of tea, yesterday as promised to celebrate 4th of July, after all, what kind of host would I be by not celebrating Priscilla's most important holiday.  I steeped a lovely Yunnan Gold from this years Spring harvest, brought directly from the teagarden by my very dear friend Tao, who spend time in Fujian and Yunnan this April.  I think that was the proper tea to introduce Priscilla to Canada. 

She will be off to her first outing tomorrow... so be sure to check in on us.   Ingrid


Sandra said...

Hi Ingrid,

What lovely gifts you received and how wonderful to have this special teapot visiting you.

I'm so glad she's come to our part of the world because as we both know Ontario is a great place to live. :o)

Enjoy your visit and many cups of tea.


Marilyn said...

What lovely treats came with the plum teapot, Priscilla. I look forward to the further adventures in Canada and so happy you shared a cup of tea with her to celebrate the 4th.

La Tea Dah said...

It's so nice that the traveling teapot is now in Canada. It will be fun to hear all about her international adventures!

Karen's Place said...

It will Canada visit with Ingrid and the little plum traveler. Love that she has a passport. :)

Ingrid said...

Hi Sandra, we will make sure to get together whilst Priscilla is at my home. Get your daytimer out and let's set a date. Ingrid

Sandra said...

Hi Ingrid,

I would love to get together and share some tea from Priscilla!

Do you want to email me so we can set a date? You can contact me at: