Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tea With Little Boys

What happens when you have an abundance of frilly little tea things and then you are blessed with little boys?  Who says little boys can't enjoy tea?

At our house, the boys out number the girls.  Over time, we have added some "guy" things to our tea accouterments.   

Hope you enjoy our "What Are Little Boys Made Of" tea.


Little Porker Scones
Strawberry Jam
Fresh Whipped Cream

Snips and Snails Sandwich Rolls
Wormy PB&J
Buggie Bites
Sailing Sammiches
Toasted Cheesy Triangles

Apple Race Cars
Strawberry Bugs
Puppy Dogs' Tails
Mud Pies
Dirt Pudding
Racing Bears

Our milk pitcher is a pig.  We also have a frog and elephant.  I have a lot of little girly teacups with butterflies and flowers.  I ran across these little boy cups several years ago at an antique shop.
When they lift up the cup, the saucer has another little surprise.
The mark under the cups and saucers are in a hunter's cap with a whip below it.  Copeland Spode England #4, "well cleared" and "first over" marks one set.  The other is #6, "the huntsman" and "the find".  

Several of the things on the menu are very easy for children to help make.  The puppy dog tails are from edible play dough.  The children can shape the tails while you are busy making some of the other items.  They love to cut out the round shapes for the worm sandwich.  And painting the bread for any sandwich is loads of fun.
Turn them loose with a paintbrush and several dishes of tinted milk.  The bread toasts to a lovely bright color.

How about a better look at some of our tea treats?
Little Porker Scones
These were made from my usual scone recipe.  Little triangles were added for the ears and rounds for the nose.  Currant eyes help our little porkers see.  I have also cut scones with various cookie cutters to fit my theme.

Wormy PB&J
I stood the round sandwiches to form the worm's body.  A cherry tomato, chives and hummus make his head.  He is crawling through a bit of parsley.

Boyish Sandwiches
Grilled cheese is always a favorite.  The snail roll ups have chive antenna, but the vinegar in the pickles cause them to wilt quickly.  Save it for the end of your tea prep.  I use a toothpick to poke them into the pickles.  Our bugs have a cheese and cracker base.  I use whatever the child likes, depending what is available in my fridge.  Our sailing sammiches are filled with tuna salad.  The cheese is held up with toothpicks.  

Every little boy's favorites
I usually plate the desserts separate from the sandwiches and bring them out when the healthier things are finished.  Worms and dirt is always on our menu.  The mud pies are no bake cookies.  The racing bears have a brownie base with gummy saver wheels and cherry tic tac lights.  Strawberry bugs have mini chocolate chip spots, a grape head and licorice legs.  Apple race cars are an apple slice with a couple grape wheels on a toothpick axle.  Peanut butter based edible play dough is made into puppy dog tails.

The handy little aluminum tiered dish was a Goodwill find.  It had the dingy and dull aluminum look.  Lots of elbow grease and Mother's Mag & Aluminum polish brought back the original shine.  (Well maybe not original, but a bit better than it was.) My husband commented that he used that polish on his car tires.  So another "guy" element at our tea party.  I love how the dish folds for storage.  Wish all my tea things would do that.  (Be sure to wash it really well after polishing.)

To help keep our little ones entertained at tea, Tinkerbell has been known to make an appearance.  She can only show up on "sunny days".  Little ones have to be very well behaved, napkins in lap, sitting up straight, elbows off table, and talking quietly.  She is so shy she usually flits in and out.  She helps remind little ones of proper tea behavior.  Just in case you have never met Tinkerbell, she reflects the sun from a nearby window with your spoon.  Sometimes it takes a bit of practice to make her fly across the ceiling.  The face on a watch will also work.  One cloudy days I have been known to keep a little flashlight under my napkin.

We hope you enjoy tea time with your favorite little guy!

I hope my children/grandchildren look back on today
and see a mother/grandmother who had time to play.

There will be years for cleaning and cooking . . .
for children grow up, while we're not looking.

Sips and Smiles,


Rosemary said...

Such fun and great creativity! Love it!

La Tea Dah said...

What an adorable tea party!!! I love your creative menu, the pretty food shapes, and the masculine tea set. How very, very fun!!!

Marilyn said...

OMG There are so many ideas here that I need to remember. Soon I will be having tea parties with my little grandson. I just know he would love this tea party. Then tinkerbell visiting, how wonderful. This is so very creative. Teresa, I do believe you should have a regular blog. You have so many wonderful amazing ideas and adventures.

Anonymous said...

So very clever!
Rochelle, ATAA

South Bay Ladies' Tea Guild said...

Oh my gosh, my nephews would have loved these ideas when they were smaller! Actually, they're probably not quite too old for them yet. I'll have to try some out. They always join my niece and I when we have tea together.

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

LOVE, Love LOVE! SO cute! I've always hoped I'd have LOTS of granddaughters...but hey, little boys will be just as fun too! Thanks for your clever ideas...

You must be exhausted from all this tea party fun this month! (SMILES)


Karen's Place said...

So many fun tea ideas! Thanks for the info on cleaning your GW find. It's really a nice vintage piece and work so well with your boy team. I am getting excited to share tea with my girls :) ps love, love. the magic of tinkerbells visit.