Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Wee Plum Pot Goes To Altadena

Beaver and Passport The Canadian Royal Mounted Police Beaver escorted the Wee Plum traveling pot to her new May digs in sunny Altadena. We are so very glad to have her for the month of May and have planned oh so many tea-ventures for her! Tea goodies from Karen Karen, April's Teapot hostess, sent the teapot with many delicious treats and some wonderful gifts. Tea towels, recipes, goodies... I can hardly wait to enjoy it all and share it with friends. Thank you, Karen, for such a thoughtful gift. Because her arrival coincided with our weekly Game night, Captain Beaver of the RCMP and the Wee Teapot came to game with us. tea D&D Captain Beaver rolled a critical hit against a hydra. It was very exciting, and, a totally new experience for him. Royal Canadian Mounted Beavers don't play D&D very often. The DM, a frequent traveler to the British Isles and Ireland in particular, was delighted to have a teapot come to gaming. In fact, he totally hogged the teapot all night and has requested that a teapot with cosy become a regular fixture of our weekly gathering. photo (40) We will have more traditional teatimes later, but if the Traveling Teapot is all about sharing tea with friends, we got off to a great start.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Mystery of the Missing Teapot

The house was quiet and it was cold and misty outside. It was time for my morning tea break. I put the kettle on in the kitchen and walk into the other room. As I walked towards the china cabinet to retrieve the teapot I realized it was gone!
The spot where I last left the traveling teapot was empty.
The roses teacups we recently used for tea sat quietly.
The pink cherry blossom depression glass plates glisten. To the right Grandma's porcelain ladies looked like they were engaged in conversation.
One teacup almost seemed to blush...hmmm.
 The creamers and sugar bowls looked so sweet.
Just then the kettle started to whistle. Softy at first then louder and louder!
Then, things were very unclear.
The beautiful Geisha doll kept looking forward at the bookcases. So I decided to look there next. That is where we found books on friendship and tea. We had shared such lovely books during our tea book respite. But, something new and different was there.
Where Prissy, The Traveling Teapot had sat was a lovely framed photo.
Taking a closer look...no that's not her.

Now I remember! She's all packed, passport and all, on her way to her next hostess. It's been so much fun sharing this month with Miss Prissy and all of you. We've made some fun memories. Personally, I can't wait to read about her next adventures. Can you?

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Tea Book Respite

Time for tea book respite.

After a morning doctor visit and labs. This afternoon was time to rest, read and enjoy a nice warm teapot of tea. Oh what comfort my tea mug filled the luxurious Harney and Sons Paris offers me.  A fruity black tea with vanilla, caramel, bergamot.
 Prissy liked the chapter on The Queen's Tea.
Then we enjoyed fabulous chocolates. Prissy was feeling like royalty.
I recently bought this book to give away, but after flipping through it I decided to give it a read. I have only started to read it.  I'd marked the page with a cute teapot stamped bookmark a tea friend tucked into a thinking of you card.  It is the thoughtfulness and an act of kindness I often see with tea friends. A kindred spirit, a sisterhood. Now, if the world traveler teapot, Miss Prissy were to write a book about comfort or let's say a guide for life, I'd bet very first, on the tippy-top of her list would be: 1.) Drink Tea

~beautiful thoughts, ideas and artwork about tea & friendship~

~children's tea party~
Reminiscing  about how many times I'd checked out the library copy of this book when I was first learning about hosting teas, tea parties and all the lovely trimmings.
~Sigh... now, if you miss the old Victoria magazines.....sighing~
The Great Tearooms of America. I  was lucky to visit with Bruce Richardson and have him sign my  copy.  Also, over the years I have asked  tearoom owners to sign on the chapters featuring their shops. This books is full of memories.   
Paperbooks to grab & go. I like to leave them behind in waiting rooms, once I'm finished reading them. The senior centers also welcome book donations.

Love this book and it's title...don't you?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mother/Daughter & Traveling Teapot Teatime Tablesetting

Can you spot The Traveling Teapot?

She's all dressed in a new polka dot tea cozy.

A special poem from my dear daughter
Crown Essex teacup & saucer, a gift from my auntie
The table is set for a Mother/Daughter teatime

Royal Grafton fine bone china sugar bowl and creamer
Rosina "English Roses" saucer ~ we'll use for fresh fruit
My "time for tea" little raised plate made with a glass candle holder and a pretty saucer. I bought this one already done, but I understand you superglue the two pieces together. Just the right size for tea treats for two.
an adorable craft show find
View seated. Do you check this? I think it adds to the details

The flatware is Oneida Monte Carlo pattern.
Duchess bone china teacup & saucer ~ made in England~  The demitasse spoons and sugar tongs are vintage Wm Rogers silver plate
Paragon Rose Bouquet dessert plate, pink glass plate, teacup & saucer
see how pretty the pink cherry blossom glass looks with pink china
Royal Albert Lavender Rose dessert plate, pink glass plate, teacup & saucer
Miss Prissy is looking fabulous!
~her pink bow~
The details:  I sewed the table cloth from two polka-dot print fabrics and also black with pink rose tea napkins. Then, I folded  scalloped white tea napkins together with them and tied with pink ribbon. I tucked a few silk flowers at the bow and scatted pink silk flowers on the table. The cute tea cozy was a eBay find. I hope you enjoyed seeing the special table setting for our Mother/Daughter with the Traveling Teapot. (hope I haven't overwhelmed you with too many photos....)