Teapot Host Guidelines

The Traveling Teapot is an event that is being conducted by the online chat group "Afternoon Tea Across America". Thank you to the hosts of the traveling teapot for participating in this project. Here are the guidelines for participation in this project:

1.) Enjoy the traveling teapot to the fullest! During your month, share tea with others from its spout. Some ideas for sharing are: invite others into your home; take it to a friend's house; share tea with your hairdresser, manicurist, florist, or favorite shop keeper; take it to a retirement or nursing home; take it to an event, like a quilt guild or garden club meeting; have a tea party with a child or grandchild; take it to church; travel with it; or take it to a tea expo. The purpose of the traveling teapot is to share the meaningful aspects of tea. Use it well.

2.) Blog about the experiences you share with the traveling teapot and others. Others will be anticipating your posts! Each participant has been given blog author privileges.

3.) When your month is nearing the end, contact the person who will host the teapot for the next month. Make sure you have their proper mailing address. Let them know when they can expect the traveling teapot to arrive. Give the traveling teapot time to be transported via Priority US Mail (or mail service to Canada and France if applicable). The teapot should be in their hands by the first of their month. The email address of the participant who hosts the teapot after you has been mailed to you privately. If you loose your contact email, please notify the blog administrator/ATAA moderator.

4.) Package the traveling teapot with adequate wrapping so that it won't break! Include a small "tea gift" for the individual you are mailing the teapot to.

5.) Keep in contact with the individual who follows you with the traveling teapot. It is your role to graciously assist and mentor them with questions they may have about our blog and the blogging process.

6.) Enjoy the experience! Have fun!

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Kimberly said...

What fun!

Joyce said...

Would love do join this. Please put me on the list to host the traveling teapot!