Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Tea

Since arriving in Canada, Priscilla has taken a bit of a rest.  Her journey was a long one, understanding the meaning of "eh" after every sentence was something to get used to and having to compete with a "Brown Betty" in the Folkers household was not to her liking. 

To top it of, her host Ingrid got her hair chopped off  and she did not like it at all.  There was no way she was going to be photographed and it took a few days for her to cheer up.  Last Thursday, when Priscilla found out she was to be come along to a Birthday Afternoon Tea and be prettily decked out with carnations, she hardly slept all night... such was her excitement.

Knock, Knock....

Priscilla receives a royal welcome at Judith's home, the hostess and birthday girl.

Soon Ingrid was busily arranging the table and with a sigh of relieve, Priscilla prettily plopped herself down in the centre of the table, waiting for the guests to arrive.
As the guests arrived they were treated to a refreshing drink of lichee, lemon and perrier.

While enjoying  their first cup of Earl grey tea, freshly baked scones with clotted cream and lemon curd were being served.

As much as Priscilla wanted to take photographs with all the guests at the table, it is not something that was possible,  and while everyone was enjoying the scones, Ingrid was putting on the finishing touches of a lovely summer salad.

On a sweet juicy watermelon, layers of avocado, lobster, radishes and taboule, served with a quail egg on chai mayonnaise, white currants an cheddar cheese scone biscotti.  Followed by a few savories.

The traditional Victorian Cucumber sandwich with lemon/dilled butter, Calla Lilly Egg, Ingrid's Curried Chicken Medaillon, and Smoked salmon with daikon and cucumber, accompanied with sweet Champagne grapes.

To cleanse the palet, the guest were served a 2012 fresh Spring Angi Bai Cha, truly a wonderful China tea.

For the sweets, Ingrid prepared  Raspberry Pot de creme, French Chai Macrons, Matcha Cookies.

As well a new creation of Pineapple Tartlette, a pate brisee with jellied pineapple mousse  on the inside.  Topped with a White Chocolate/Mascarpone cream and decorative white currants.

What would a birthday be without a birthday cake!

This was a beautiful Caraibe dark chocolate mousse, crispy praline (bottom) and vanilla creme brule on the inside, served with a lovely champagne "Il Vino Dell' Amore".

What a great party this was and Priscilla, now feels right at home and is looking forward to the next celebration tea.



La Tea Dah said...

What a wonderful introduction to Canada for our lovely traveling teapot. Ingrid, the food was exquisite! Just lovely as can be --- and so tasty! Beautiful carnations too. so delighted for this report, Ingrid. Thank you!

La Tea Dah said...

PS: Ingrid, your hair looks lovely --- classic and elegant.

Anonymous said...

How enjoyable, Ingrid! Those white currants look exquisite!

Rosemary said...

Priscilla certainly knows how to throw a party!

Marilyn said...

I really enjoyed the little plum teapots ventures out into your world. The food looked amazing. I was particularly intrigued by the savories including the beautiful salad. Thanks so much for sharing.

Darjeeling Darlings said...

The food looks great! Thanks for sharing!

Colleen said...

Everything looks and sounds so delicious, not to mention elegant! Priscilla fit right in and enjoyed herself, I'm sure keeping track of the teas and eats she was surrounded by.

marthae said...

Oh, the little plum teapot must be in all it's glory to be the centerpiece for such beautiful food. Loved seeing your presentations.

The Teaist said...

I just discovered this initiative and LOVE it! Would Priscilla considering a travel across the pond to Europe? :)

Susan said...

Oh my gosh, that mousse sounds amazingly fabulous. Susan

Merisi in Vienna said...

The Canadians sure know how to through a Royal Feast for a visitor from South of the Boarder!

Such a delicious spread, and that dark chocolate mousse must have been a worthy ending to the party!

Thank you for sharing Priscilla's journey,
greetings from Vienna (where the one or other teapot is getting wanderlust),

Micupoftea~ said...

What a nice party and fun photos! Have a great week~