Monday, June 4, 2012

Wondrous Adventures

Our traveling teapot and those who host it are ambassadors of friendship and good-will. Traveling so many places in such a short amount of time, the traveling teapot has the ability to see parts of the world that some can only dream about. 

Today the traveling teapot surprised me with a special message that arrived in my mail box. Can you read it? It's a post card and it says:  I am having wondrous adventures with Mary Jane as she travels in Canada! Thank you for sending me off on this amazing journey... Love from - The Traveling Teapot!

It warmed my heart!  Thank you, Traveling Teapot, for the lovely post card! And thank you, Mary Jane, for helping the teapot with the penmanship! Safe travels as your journey continues!


Marilyn said...

Oh yes, this little plum teapot is having some special adventures.

Karen's Place said...

what a thoughtful little teapot

marthae said...

I loved following the adventures of the little plum teapot during it's time with you, Mary Jane! You have set the bar really high for those that follow your month. I am eager to read about it's time with each hostess.
Thank you for making it so very special.
martha e