Friday, April 26, 2013

Mystery of the Missing Teapot

The house was quiet and it was cold and misty outside. It was time for my morning tea break. I put the kettle on in the kitchen and walk into the other room. As I walked towards the china cabinet to retrieve the teapot I realized it was gone!
The spot where I last left the traveling teapot was empty.
The roses teacups we recently used for tea sat quietly.
The pink cherry blossom depression glass plates glisten. To the right Grandma's porcelain ladies looked like they were engaged in conversation.
One teacup almost seemed to blush...hmmm.
 The creamers and sugar bowls looked so sweet.
Just then the kettle started to whistle. Softy at first then louder and louder!
Then, things were very unclear.
The beautiful Geisha doll kept looking forward at the bookcases. So I decided to look there next. That is where we found books on friendship and tea. We had shared such lovely books during our tea book respite. But, something new and different was there.
Where Prissy, The Traveling Teapot had sat was a lovely framed photo.
Taking a closer that's not her.

Now I remember! She's all packed, passport and all, on her way to her next hostess. It's been so much fun sharing this month with Miss Prissy and all of you. We've made some fun memories. Personally, I can't wait to read about her next adventures. Can you?

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Marilyn said...

Oh I was worried!
What a beautiful picture frame and all the other sweet treasures that surrounded this traveling teapot while she visited you. Great job, Karen!

La Tea Dah said...

Karen --- this was a creative post and I enjoyed reading it. And what an honor to have a framed photo standing in the teapot's place.

What a beautiful gathering of china and special items. Your doll is pretty.

Cheers and thanks for being a great hostess!

Rosemary said...

Creative and clever post! Happy to know the mystery has been solved. Hope Prissy has a good journey to her next destination!

marthae said...

Thanks so much for a month of fun and interesting sharing with the little plum teapot, Karen. I'm happy that it brought joy to your days.