Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bon Voyage to The Traveling Teapot

The Traveling Teapot is now on its way to make
more new friends with Lucille.
Have fun and enjoy your time with
The Little Purple Teapot.

The Traveling Teapot Traveled 1,218 Miles During our Travels

Bon Voyage to The Traveling Teapot!


Marilyn said...

Thanks Mary Jane! I just loved the adventures you had with the plum teapot. Now I wish I could have signed that passport.

marthae said...

The little purple teapot is indeed very fortunate to have enjoyed traveling with you and the adventures you exposed it to, Mary Jane.

I loved all of it’s special attire and how it always *steeped* up to whatever task it was given.

Thanks for sharing such fun places and & creative ideas.

martha e

s. franks said...

Mary Jane, this tea pot is traveling in style. Wonderful posts.

Pearl's Tea said...

You did a spectacular month of chores, traveling, visiting and many cups of tea with this lucky teapot! You even fixed up traveling gear, *clothes* and a passport. It has been so much fun, thank you!! I'm eager to share new adventures as the pot moves along.