Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Wee Plum Pot Goes To Altadena

Beaver and Passport The Canadian Royal Mounted Police Beaver escorted the Wee Plum traveling pot to her new May digs in sunny Altadena. We are so very glad to have her for the month of May and have planned oh so many tea-ventures for her! Tea goodies from Karen Karen, April's Teapot hostess, sent the teapot with many delicious treats and some wonderful gifts. Tea towels, recipes, goodies... I can hardly wait to enjoy it all and share it with friends. Thank you, Karen, for such a thoughtful gift. Because her arrival coincided with our weekly Game night, Captain Beaver of the RCMP and the Wee Teapot came to game with us. tea D&D Captain Beaver rolled a critical hit against a hydra. It was very exciting, and, a totally new experience for him. Royal Canadian Mounted Beavers don't play D&D very often. The DM, a frequent traveler to the British Isles and Ireland in particular, was delighted to have a teapot come to gaming. In fact, he totally hogged the teapot all night and has requested that a teapot with cosy become a regular fixture of our weekly gathering. photo (40) We will have more traditional teatimes later, but if the Traveling Teapot is all about sharing tea with friends, we got off to a great start.


Marilyn said...

Wow! The amazing adventure of this little plum teapot. Now D&D adventures too. Yes, I do believe regular tea with your games is called for. Enjoy!

Karen's Place said...

How fun that you and the teapot enjoy a evening of D&D with friends. Watch out you may have a worthy opponent in that plum teapot at your Gatherings.

martea said...

What a new and fun experience for the little plum teapot! I am so looking forward to more adventures with you and the little wee plum pot.

amherstrose said...

The Little Plum Pot is enjoying such diverse experiences! What a great evening sharing time with friends and learning to play D&D. Looking forward to hearing more about the adventures you have planned.

Mary Jane

La Tea Dah said...

The wee plum pot is going to have a great month! It's already started out with adventure and intrigue. Such fun!

Gracious Hospitality