Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Full Circle

A full circle has been made. The little plum teapot has returned to its home of origin. In the next few weeks we'll explore it route as it went from home to home where friendly hostesses served tea from its spout.

The teapot's passport is nearly full. Notes and stickers fill its pages, keeping log of the teapot adventures.

Hostess Rainy tucked in some beautiful gifts which I appreciate so much!

Her artistic skills are so readily evident!

And her taste in fine teas superb! She sent tea samples of ~

Harney & Sons
Single Silken Sachet

Dragon Pearl Jasmine Floral Tea
Yunnan Golden Tips
Classic Chamomile
Rooibos Chai

Our little Canadian beaver has enjoyed traveling with the plum teapot ever since he left Ingrid's home. If only he could talk and share about his adventures!

This month, the little plum pot will acclimate to being home again. It will take time to tally up the miles it's gone and to wind down from the excitement of all the tea adventures it has partaken in. Little plum teapot is set to stage a few more teas and then will take a rest until. . .

. . .it is ready to start on another journey. Stay tuned!


Karen's Place said...

So nice to read your post about how the traveling teapot has made a full circle. How lucky you are to be gifted Rainy stunning art and special teas to try. Enjoy.

Marilyn said...

How wonderful the little plum teapot has been to follow. The travels have been varied and each place and hostess so special. When it started out with the first stop at my home I prayed it would make it safely in the travels. I am thrilled to see it now safely home with you. What stories it has shared. What wonderful gifts Rainy included too. Her artistic flare is so beautiful. Rest sweet little plum teapot.

Karen's Place said...

A nice post about the teapot's many travels. Love seeing the previous hostess Rainy's stunning pastels. You're lucky to be gifted her art. Enjoy your month as hostess. Karen

Teresa said...

Glad to hear the plum teapot has made it home safely! All of the time and work you spent arranging the teapots travels was appreciated. I dub you a LOTTA - Lovely Official Teapot Travel Agent. I am looking forward to your adventures.
Sips and Smiles