Friday, May 17, 2013

A solitary tea time, because tea is not just for parties.

Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company. ~Author Unknown

With the closing of my brick and mortar shop looming - just two weeks to go till the day we shut our door for the last time - I have not had a great deal of time for tea with friends. I am busy working most of the time right now and most of my friends are either far removed or are themselves just too busy for tea. But that's ok. I am making time for tea every day. The Wee Plum Pot has been a staunch companion in a hard month. It came to me a bit early, and I'm grateful for the lessons of tea during a rough time.

Tea with art journal

Here it is, posing with some Inktense pencils (and yes that IS a Marriage Freres tin holding them), my beloved water brush, and some opaque watercolors. I love how the tea cosy picks up the colors of the paint pans. I've taken to using one of the lovely tea towels that Karen sent, to make a small oasis of calm and pretty amidst the creative chaos.

"There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea." ~Bernard-Paul Heroux

I keep meaning to put some flowers out but the cats tend to eat them, so most of my flowers live outside. Still. It is nice to make a spot of lovely calm for tea and paints, and the good vibes from all the friendly folks the teapot visited previously must have soaked in. The Plum Pot and I have shared many pots of Harney's Russian Country blend lately. That's a particularly delightful blend for art, I think, a little smokey and very complex. If you can't sit in a bohemian cafe all afternoon, this probably smells a little like the same thing. Well, maybe more campfire than tobacco, but close.

From the Harney site: "A blend of four teas along with an additional touch of Lapsang, this is a softer version of Smoky Lapsang Souchong. This tea is reminiscent of the teas that were carried by camel across the Asian deserts to Russia. As Norwood Pratt quips: "the only choice was one hump or two.""

I am still hoping to schedule some Skype and tea time with a friend, if we can just manage to get our schedules lined up in the week I have left! This is tea in the modern age, I guess. Laptop to laptop. Till then, I'll just take a break each day and the Plum Pot and I will have some tea and paint with the cats. No laptop or work. No metal or tools. Just tea.

Tea with art journal

"Find yourself a cup of tea; the teapot is behind you. Now tell me about hundreds of things." ~Saki


La Tea Dah said...

Such beautiful artwork, Rainy. I am glad that tea is able to bring you solace and companionship during a difficult time. I'm glad that you have the teapot this month --- as a reminder of all your ATAA friends and their care. Enjoy your upcoming Skype-tea with your friend. Thank you for a thoughtful post.

amherstrose said...

I enjoyed your post, Rainy and the peek into your creative process. When experiencing change, tea can be the constant in an otherwise turbulent time. It has seen me through many a moment of upheaval and never disappoints as a soothing companion.

I wish you well in this transition and hope that the closing of your store will signal another opening of creative opportunity.

Lifting my cup to you and having tea with you and The Traveling Teapot via this blog. Sipping Tea, Lady Grey, Hot.

Best wishes,
Mary Jane

Rosemary said...

Enjoyed your creative post, Rainy. With the artistic and colorful settings coupled with the beautiful prose intermingled with such lovely and meaningful quotes, it was a delight to read.

Marilyn said...

This is just the purrfect celebration of tea in the solitude of your studio with cats nearby and inspirations sitting near. Each of us shares tea in our own individual ways and each is special in the chain of the everyday. The Harney tea sounds just delicious and love that you use the tea tin for your art supplies. Good luck and hugs with closing your shop, but I do know good things are coming your way.

Karen's Place said...

Your creative art and colorful designs along with the warmth of tea make for enchanting almost magical comfort. This little plum teapot was also a great companion for me. Peace to you as your life presents you with change.

LeeJ said...

Maybe the little plum teapot is fulfilling another aspect of her usefulness, she is there to offer comfort while you are making changes.

Your art is just stunning, wow, I am so impressed!


LeeJ said...

Perhaps the little plum teapot needed to settle in a comfortable spot for a bit so she could offer some comfort to you while you are making such large changes!

Your art work is simply stunning, thanks so much for sharing...and best wishes on starting a new direction in your life...


marthae said...

Isn’t it wonderful that this little plum pot has been able to steep and pour joy and comfort for everyone that it has visited as well as for all that read about it here! Wishing you the best with the changes you are experiencing.

Time Traveling in Costume said...

I hadn't thought of it but my teapot has been my lonely tea friend for a long time too. As with you, most of my tea buddies are now too far away or are working, so my tearoom travels have all but disappeared. But I realize now that doesn't make me as sad as I thought, because the tea is still there, and the memories that came with all those teacups and souvenirs. That little teapot must have come full of memories for you.