Monday, June 25, 2012

Priscilla's Travels with Me

Well my little “friend” got all dressed up again today, I think she is trying to mimic me! My,Oh My she IS a jewelry hound. First we went to the Dry Cleaners, everyone loved her there. Then I literally ran into my Pastor who thought the whole idea was fun and charming, of course she wanted her picture taken with him, then I attended a Chamber Meeting, everyone there just loved her, and after careful deliberation, (including the men), she was finally named Priscilla (at least here in Broadview Heights). Well you can just imagine how she acted there! With all her jewelry and such, she stole everyone’s heart AND she was a bit flirty with the men in suits (what is up with that)? She has poured 10 pots of tea to 22 people, in just five short days. She is indeed an "ambassador of friendship" wherever she goes (LaDonna’s words), and she is becoming my little charming sidekick.

I am going to take her to a friend of mine today, as she just had surgery and is kind of “down”. I am sure Priscilla along with some great White Plum Tea will cheer her up for sure . . . I have many more plans for her will keep you updated as I go . . .

Fondly, Lucille (and Priscilla)

P.S. I think she will have a different personality where ever she goes, it seems that she does take on the personality of whomever she may be with. I LOVE to get all dressed up and be very lady like and refined, then I have a fun side, and I also have a sense of humor, so she is being exposed to "all of me". Be patient Ingrid, I promise she will be well behaved and a wonderful lady when you receive her.

Pastor Doug, Me and Priscilla


Cheryle, Sue and Priscilla at Chamber Meeting

Priscilla waiting for her Tea to brew
she has lemons waiting . . .

Priscilla brewed a cup of Tea for Ann

Priscilla LOVES lemon with her tea

My friend Gertie who was thrilled to have a visit
from Priscilla and me . . . she feels better after having
a cup of tea with some wonderful scones!

I have so much more to post and am in the process of editing and writing the rest of her fun and frolic while here in Broadview Heights. I am so sorry that on this coming Wednesday I will have to bring her up to the UPS store and send her to Ingrid in Canada, I will really miss my little friend. 

Fondly,   Lucille


Karen's Place said...

She is a pretty little teapot all dress to go to town. What a enjoyable visit she's having with you and your friends.

La Tea Dah said...

I believe that Priscilla and Lucille have had a wonderful time sharing tea with Broadview Heights!

So glad you shared with us, Lucille.

Marilyn said...

She has certainly had some fun adventures traveling with you, Lucille. I do believe you will really miss her. I know I missed her and had to adjust after she left my hands.

Ingrid said...

Looking forward to receiving Priscilla into my care. You sure had a great time.

Rosemary said...

Such fun! Loved reading about the recent adventures of Priscilla! Her charm is contageous!

Anonymous said...

Lucille, your charm, humour and sense of style has certainly rubbed off on our Traveling Tea, er, pardon me, I mean 'Priscilla'. Really enjoying your posts.

Colleen said...

Our Traveling Teapot seems to have done alot of visiting and had a very fun time with everyone in town! You've given her lots and lots of local, everyday adventures to add to all her across-the-country road trip adventures- my, isn't she a lucky teapot?!

martha said...

What a lucky little teapot to be treated so special. So glad you enjoyed your month of sharing it.