Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day With The Teapot

Happy Valentine's Day To All.

Just to let you know that the teapot arrived safely in Nevada City, CA!!!

Today's post is a little out of order since there are two other posts I working on but we wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day with everyone in a very chocolate way. I stopped in to buy special hand-dipped treats from one of my local friends. Debe Petersen and her husband Bob have been supplying our community with chocolate and homemade, hand-dipped ice cream bars for about twenty years. They recently retired the ice cream cart you see in the background. (Refurbished by Bob.) It now sits in the front display window. Quite an attraction for locals and tourists.

So, our little traveler helped me pick out splurges for everyone. Hand-dipped, milk chocolate covered cherries in a chocolate "eat the box" heart for hubby. Another chocolate heart shaped box for my son filled with "Death By Dark Chocolate" truffles.

Teapot and I were good girls and splurged on a Winter Harvest Oolong - San Lin Xi.

One note about Debe and Bob Peterson - the candy business is called "Lazy Dog" and they've devoted their lives to rescuing large dogs with special needs. There have been times that they've cared for as many as twelve dogs needing almost constant care. Amazing people. Always smiling.

More soon!


Karen's Place said...

What a fun Happy Valentine's Day visit with you and the traveling teapot. Oh my what a fabulous store to shop in.

Gwen said...

What a beautiful photo!! Has to be such a fun and yummy place to visit!!

Marilyn said...

The teapot looked right at home at this chocolate shop. Oh how I would love visiting here. Thanks, Babette. Look forward to seeing you in person soon.

Rosemary said...

That cozy teapot looks 'right at home' nestled on that shelf among all the candy treats!

marthae said...

My kind of shop! It's been years since I visited Neveda City, but I can tell it still has it's unique charm. I'm really looking forward to your month with the little plum teapot.

Colleen said...

The Teapot does indeed look right at home there amongst all that chocolate! Yummmm!