Saturday, September 22, 2012

Celebrating World's Alzheimer's Day

 Friday, September 21st was World's Alzheimer's Day.
Patty, Lynn, Mary and I gathered for a pot luck brunch tea around my dining room table
to celebrate our Alzheimer's Journeys. 
We shared four different pots of tea through The Traveling Teapot.
Years ago, Mary and I began supporting each other through
our mother's AD.  I invited Lynn to join us as her mother's journey progressed.
Later, I invited Patty to join us during her dad's AD.
My friendship with these ladies spans a total of over 130 years. 
We are sisters through this Alzheimer's Journey. 

 Patty (above)
 Lynn (above)
Mary (above)
and Linda (me) below

The month of September, World Alzheimer's Month,
is the perfect month for me to host the
"purple" teapot. 


Marilyn said...

How special to celebrate World's Alzheimer's Day with the little plum teapot. A very special occasion indeed. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could have been sitting there and listening to the stories over tea.

Karen's Place said...

So nice to have friends to share with during this challenging time caring and assisting your parents. Glad the little teapot could be there for comfort.

La Tea Dah said...

A beautiful friendship tied with a ribbon of purpose and love. It's very special that the plum teapot was able to share in such a bonding experience.

marthae said...

What a special get-together for the little traveling teapot to pour tea.
Supportive friends are such treasured gifts. I love your tradition of having lunch and tea together each September. It is such a nice tribute to the loved ones that you each cared for as well.