Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tea at Eve's with The Traveling Teapot . . . and Some Other Fun Things

A special Afternoon Tea was celebrated at the home of long time
ATAA Member Eve - also know to us as TeapotEve.

Collector of teapots, consultant, writer, dear friend, mentor,
 and hostess with the mostest,
Eve has beautiful accouterments for any tea table.

The Shelly Trios were chosen for this impromptu tea party.
My beautiful trio was adorned with Lily of the Valley,
the flower designated for the Month of May.

The Dainty Blue Shelly Trio
The Queen Elizabeth I Tea Cosy
purchased in Rye, England

Two Special Teapots joined the celebration.

The Traveling Teapot and
 Eve's newest addition to her Teapot Family.

This special commemorative teapot was commissioned to celebrate the
Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.
I found it for Eve on another journey that I took with
The Traveling Teapot.
(I confess that I got one for myself as well.)

It will join the teapot that Eve already has that commemorates the
Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria.

Happy Tea Party Participants
pose with The Traveling Teapot
The Queen Elizabeth II Teapot

Mary Jane, Carl, Eve, and Bob

We retired to the Great Room for some
old-time fun with the 1919 Wurlitzer Farny Player Piano.
It is veneered in quarter sawn oak in the Arts and Craft Tradition.
Eve has enjoyed it for 9 Years and shared it with many guests.

The Traveling Teapot meets The Player Piano Teapot

Deb pumps out a tune and enjoys her turn at the Player Piano.
You go, Girl!!!

We had such a fun and wonderfully eclectic day.

In addition to the Afternoon Tea Time
we visited The Cleveland Museum of Art
for an amazing Rembrandt Exhibit.

We had lunch at Sweet Mango, a Thai restaurant that
serves delicious food served by a lovely family.

Deb, Carl, and I then met up with Rick, Deb's husband,
for dinner at our favorite Mexican Cantina, El Campasino.

Then . . . . .

Carl and I went to hear my high school friend sing with her band
and we did a little swing dancing.

So much fun in one day and it was all shared with
The Traveling Teapot and good friends!!!



marthae said...

How appropriate and what fun for the traveling teapot to meet and pour tea for our "teapot Eve"!

You all are having so much fun in these photos--just how it should be!

martha e

Rosemary said...

What a great visit! Love the Queen Elizabeth tea cozy and tea pot. Such fun! This traveling teapot gets around!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! That little teapot is having a melodious time on its Ohio visit. (And now I need to do a google search for the jubilee teapots.)
Sips and Smiles,

Marilyn said...

What an amazing day! A player piano, swing dancing, and tea in Shelley cups. I also was able to enjoy tea in that little blue Shelley cup, just beautiful!