Monday, May 28, 2012

A Pressing Matter for The Traveling Teapot

Do you still iron????

I am thinking that not very many people iron
much any more.

I actually love to iron and do some of my best thinking while
standing at the ironing board as the steam rises
from freshly washed and starched napkins.

I have starched and ironed hundreds of napkins
here at The Amherst Rose Tea Room.

It is not unusual for me grab one of my many teapots
and fill it with water to put into my Pink Sunbeam Steam Iron.

(Yes, my iron is PINK!  Those who know me
will tell you that they are not surprised by that.)

My iron also had a wonderful retractable cord which I just love.
With the push of a button the cord winds up
 and it sits so nicely on its base.

When thinking of little chores for The Traveling Teapot,
this little task came to mind.

I had lots of napkins to iron so The Traveling Teapot
was "pressed" into service.
(Sorry, just had to say that!)

Thank you again to The Traveling Teapot
for assisting in the daily chores here
at the tea room.

A job well done!

1 comment:

Marilyn said...

I love ironing also and do iron my pillowcases, table cloths, and napkins. Friends have laughed at me for ironing even my jeans and tea shirts. What another good idea to keep water in a teapot for filling the iron. That is one I must remember.