Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Celebrating with The Traveling Teapot

The Happy Birthhday Teapot brewed up a lovely pot of
 Happy Birthday Tea from Harney and Sons for a Birthday Celebration.
 My birthday is this month and my wonderful DH celebrates his birthday in June.
 We are celebrating together here at The Amherst Rose this week
 as we will not be together in June for his special day.

The Traveling Teapot joined in with The Happy Birthday Teapot
 for this special occasion to brew a pot of another special tea,
a gift from a dear Friend who is a collector of teapots.
The Vanilla Comoro,
 another Harney and Sons Tea
that I dearly love,
 is a black tea with a creamy
 vanilla caramel taste
 and is decaffeinated so we can drink it late into the evening.

A big Happy Birthday to my DH who has encouraged
 and supported me here at The Amherst Rose Tea Room
 and is always ready for an adventure, even with a Little Plum Teapot.
 (He does put up with a lot "nonsense" around here that most men
would consider ridiculous, and always with a great sense of humor.)

Thank you Traveling Teapot for brewing up such lovely tea for us to share.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to both of you! May you celebrate many more.
Sips and Smiles,

relevanttealeaf said...

Happy belated birthday, Mary Jane. May 18th was your special day and I let it slip past! May the year ahead hold many blessings!
Hugs, Phyllis

Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday to you both. What a fun way to celebrate.