Monday, April 22, 2013

Tea Book Respite

Time for tea book respite.

After a morning doctor visit and labs. This afternoon was time to rest, read and enjoy a nice warm teapot of tea. Oh what comfort my tea mug filled the luxurious Harney and Sons Paris offers me.  A fruity black tea with vanilla, caramel, bergamot.
 Prissy liked the chapter on The Queen's Tea.
Then we enjoyed fabulous chocolates. Prissy was feeling like royalty.
I recently bought this book to give away, but after flipping through it I decided to give it a read. I have only started to read it.  I'd marked the page with a cute teapot stamped bookmark a tea friend tucked into a thinking of you card.  It is the thoughtfulness and an act of kindness I often see with tea friends. A kindred spirit, a sisterhood. Now, if the world traveler teapot, Miss Prissy were to write a book about comfort or let's say a guide for life, I'd bet very first, on the tippy-top of her list would be: 1.) Drink Tea

~beautiful thoughts, ideas and artwork about tea & friendship~

~children's tea party~
Reminiscing  about how many times I'd checked out the library copy of this book when I was first learning about hosting teas, tea parties and all the lovely trimmings.
~Sigh... now, if you miss the old Victoria magazines.....sighing~
The Great Tearooms of America. I  was lucky to visit with Bruce Richardson and have him sign my  copy.  Also, over the years I have asked  tearoom owners to sign on the chapters featuring their shops. This books is full of memories.   
Paperbooks to grab & go. I like to leave them behind in waiting rooms, once I'm finished reading them. The senior centers also welcome book donations.

Love this book and it's title...don't you?


RobinCW said...

What a delightful visit with you and Prissy. Loved looking at all your tea books. Great!

Teresa said...

I enjoyed looking through your bookshelf! I believe I need to add a few titles to my overflowing shelves. Thanks so much! Lovely post.
Sips and Smiles,

Teresa said...

I enjoyed looking through your bookshelf. I need to add a few titles to my overflowing shelves. I never thought to have the tea room owners sign my book. What a great idea!
Sips and Smiles,

La Tea Dah said...

I enjoyed seeing your tea library. It was fun to identify books we have in common. Pluse, I enjoyed learning about some titles I haven't seen before.

What a special "friendship" bookmark! Sweet!

Rosemary said...

My book shelf looks very similar to yours! Such great resources for inspiration, ideas, and recipes.

Ruthie Miller said...

Love collecting tea books too. Always on the search for more...
Ruthie from: