Monday, March 25, 2013

Tea in 10 with under 10

Today we are putting Prissy to the challenge.  Can she make afternoon tea in less than ten minutes with ten items?  She calls it her Tea X 10!

Are you ready Prissy?  Let's set the timer for 10 minutes. . . Go!

10:00 - She puts the water on and selects the tea.  No time for contemplation, she grabs the first one she sees, which is Gina Amaretta.  Measure a scoop in a tea bag to save time decanting later.

9:43 - Assemble the other eight items . . . 

Bread - necessary for any sandwich.  Gosh, she really wants some whole wheat and some white for variety . . . she goes with . . . whole grain white!

What is in the refrigerator?  

A cucumber - what is tea without cucumber sandwiches?
And a staple at our house - chive and green onion cream cheese

How about some mayo?
And this little can of deviled ham . . . I remember having this for lunch as a kid!

And now the sweets!  Are there any cookies in the cupboard?  Bingo!

And those strawberries in the fridge look really good . . . 
a few chocolate chips and ta-da . . . chocolate covered strawberries! 

8:55 - She starts with the strawberries.  Microwave the Hershey chocolate chips for 1 minute at 50% power . . .

Moving right along, she grabs a tray, teacup and tiered server. 

8:24 - The water is ready.  A two minute steep . . .

Wash and dry the strawberries and the cucumber.

7:55 - Stir the chocolate and melt another minute.

Get out the cutting board, knives and paper towel.

7:37 - Tear off a small piece of wax paper for the strawberries.  Cut, peel and slice the cucumbers.  Put them on the paper towel to drain.

6:50 - Dip the strawberries and put them in the freezer for a quick set.

6:24 - Tea timer goes off, remove tea bag.  Add the pot to the tea tray.

6:13 - Cut the bread (this little cookie cutter is the perfect size for cucumber rounds!), smear on the cream cheese (it is covered by the cucumber anyway!)  

5:09Mayo and deviled ham on bread . . . get rid of the crusts (the chickens will be so happy!) . . . cut into bite size sandwiches . . . add them to the tiered server.

2:49 - Add the strawberries to the tray.

2:22 - A quick straightening of the kitchen . . .

And Priscilla had 13 seconds left.

Ahhhh. . .

Time for Tea!!!

(Here's another tea time saver - When I make a batch of scones, I often freeze a few prior to baking.  I cut the dough, individually wrap in plastic wrap and put them into a ziploc freezer bag.  When you need a quick scone, unwrap and pop them directly in the oven.) 

Today Miss Priss proved . . . we always have time for tea!

When your day seems topsy turvey
And as stormy as can be
There's nothing quite as tranquil

As a nice hot cup of tea

While you savor this ambrosia

Your problems fade away

Its warmth will bring you comfort

And brighten up your day

So take a private moment

There's a calmness as you'll see

All because you briefly stopped

To sip a cup of tea.

Sips and Smiles,


Karen's Place said...

BRAVO, Bravo!!!! What a cleaver girl Miss Prissy is.

Pearl's Tea said...

What an inspiration to us all! This beats my tea and toast with jam afternoon repast for sure!

La Tea Dah said...

I am dizzy! What an inspiration! Teresa and the teapot are even quicker than Rachel Ray!!!

Sparkly Engineer said...

Wowsers! 10 minutes to tea. I don't think I could do it. That Prissy is a wonder.

rosejory said...

Enjoyed Miss Prissy's Tea in 10!

rosejory said...

Enjoyed Miss Prissy's Tea in 10!

Marilyn said...

Wow! I am impressed. This take a tea party in your cupboard to a whole new level. I hope you enjoyed.

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Yes! Bravo!! What a clever idea...see what you can do in such little time! Why you could have a real nice tea lunch or break! Tx for sharing!