Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sauder Village

Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio is the state's largest living history village.  Rural life from the 19th and early 20's centuries are depicted.  Priscilla and I stopped for a visit.
In 1934, Erie Sauder founded the Sauder Woodworking company.  Today it is a world leader in ready-to-assemble furniture. 
 I purchased my tea cabinet at the outlet store.

Most of the buildings were still closed for the winter.
Priscilla made herself at home on the herb shop's tea cart.
She wanted to grab a needle and thread to help the ladies quilt.
She admired the little girl's tea sets in the general store.
And a basket with loose leaf tea and tea booklets was right on the candy counter.  I guess tea is candy for big girls!

Priscilla enjoyed her visit to Sauder Village. 

Sassafras trees are native to our area.  The early settlers probably sipped sassafras tea.  As a little girl, my dad would often harvest some sassafras root early in the spring.  Today you can make sassafras tea from a concentrate produced locally in Columbus Grove, Ohio.  Pappy's Sassafras concentrate is available online or in specialty groceries.

May your day be brewed to perfection!

Sips and Smiles,


La Tea Dah said...

Teresa, you have a BEAUTIFUL tea cabinet! And traveling teapot has been quilting too? Wow --- she has my heart!

Sparkly Engineer said...

Enjoyed sharing your outing today. What a homey setting. I love the idea of a tea cabinet, perhaps I should try for one.

Marilyn said...

Oh I would love visiting there too. Your tea cabinet is indeed beautiful and so well organized. Wish my shelf in the cupboard was that organized.