Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Welcome to The Sierra Nevada Foothills

I should begin by explaining that my chosen month to enjoy our shared guest, The Traveling Teapot, changed significantly from the original intention. A year ago I though that February would be the month of our San Francisco Tea Festival. Alas! It is the month before and Teapot came to me during the busiest month of my entire year. Instead of sharing the info booth with me, she is keeping me a little more grounded during the stressful moments.

I created her "room" joined by one of my favorite teapots and a couple of teacups. She enjoys the morning sun and we share afternoon quiet.

And, we occasionally venture out for some California Foothill winter.

One of my favorite pieces of yard sculpture sits in the middle of my annual and bulb bed. The lovely lady came from the San Francisco World's Fair and usually holds a planter or bowl of bird treats. Can you see Prissy? Fortunately, she's cozy in the cozy Marilyn provided. 

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Marilyn said...

It is fun to see the teapot wrapped in a Marmalady's cozy. Your home looks lovely. I was imagining you were very busy; so glad the teapot is providing a few quiet moments.