Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tea Festival Prep

So . . . with our 2nd Annual San Francisco International Tea Festival looming large - just two weeks away, our little teapot has been helping tremendously. In addition to providing those respite moments of calm, she joined Colleen and me for one of our volunteer meetings.

The challenge to attract 1000 tea lovers and then to care for them and make sure they have a satisfying and memorable experience is very much dependent on a team of people who share the same commitment to sharing the love of the leaf. At events like this, the tea has an opportunity to speak for itself. A kind of community forms, the exhibitors offer tastings, the speakers "wow" with amazing information and we find ourselves in the midst of our non-virtual social network. Real people. Really great tea.

Here we are in the Ferry Building location of Imperial Tea Court (with Roy's Moon Gate in the background). It's after hours so the tearoom is all ours as we review the schedule of events, the specific jobs for more than fifty different people and the way in which we will help the crowd "flow" throughout the wonderfully historic and beautiful Ferry Building.

We originally thought that we would have the festival in February which is the reason I signed up for this month. The best-laid-plan was that I would have Prissy at our information booth as an honored guest. But maybe she's enjoying her peek behind the scenes. With most of our schedule completely posted now, you can see almost everything on the front page of the site. There are photos from last year as well.

1st Annual San Francisco Tea Festival, February 25, 2012

I do ramble on about this. I love these events. I'm hooked!

The first one I went to was in Victoria B.C. sponsored by Camosun College as a fundraiser for their daycare and young children's education program. After that came Seattle's Northwest Tea Festival in the shadow of the Space Needle. Then Devan Shah hosted one of the L.A. Tea Festivals. Kulov hosts another one in L.A. but I've yet to make that one.

Wish you could all join us on March 10th.


marthae said...

How special for the traveling teapot to share in some of your behind the scenes preparations for the festival and to pour cups of calming tea. It was fun to learn about the greenhouse and tea farm, too.

I especially loved your beautiful yard sculpture that the little teapot got to be photographed on!

La Tea Dah said...

It really was fun to hear about tea festival plans and all that goes on behind the scenes. With such a dedicated team, I have no doubt that tea festival guests will feel the hospitality and warmth, as you desire. Thank you for sharing!

Marilyn said...

I am looking forward to being there. Good luck with all the preparations.