Friday, December 21, 2012

On the Road Again

Today the Traveling Teapot and I are heading to south Florida, to spend the Holidays with my sisters and their families.

I have an adult, special needs niece, and Mindy has been wanting to try to live alone.  Her mother just remarried a month ago, and now lives only about 3 miles from their home, so the decision was made that Mindy could stay in the house until it is sold.  [I don't think she is capable of living alone permanently, but she's wanted to try.  She is very social, so I don't think she'll like living alone -- and so this is a good solution, she can discover that for herself, rather than us dictating to her].  And so I am to be her very first houseguest! 

My sister tells me that Mindy has a full agenda scheduled for me, and I am sure that it will include Tea!  Mindy works part-time for the Marriott Corporation, setting up the salad bar, plating desserts, etc.  When she visits me, she is my "sous Chef" for preparing Tea.  So I'm looking forward to surprising her with her first Tea in her new, independent home.

I expect the roads to be busy today, so prayers for safety are appreciated!  And for anyone else who is traveling, be careful!!


La Tea Dah said...

Praying for safety as you travel today, Vicki. It sounds like you have a lovely Christmas planned with your dear ones. I look forward to hearing about the tea served from the little plum teapot while you are a house guest of your niece. I know she will enjoy having you visiting her and is anticipating your arrival with pleasure!

Karen's Place said...

Safe travels. Sounds like a fun holiday awaits you. I have a adult son with Down Syndrome. I tell him he has a better and busier social life then me. Can't wait to hear how the little plum teapot celebrates! Merry Christmas!

Marilyn said...

I hope the tea with Mindy went very well and you had a good trip.