Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Saddle Up

     Miss Prissy's next adventure took her to Overland, MO where she visited with master saddle maker and my father, Martin Bergin.  She stopped by the shop for a quick visit and was amazed at the multitute of saddles and tools absolutely stuffed into such a tiny area.

All together the old cowboy thought the idea of a traveling teapot odd but something his rather unique daughter might get up too.  He would pose with the teapot or give in to any women's foolishness, but he did allow a Prissy to take a few pictures  in the shop and he did submit to a photo of himself.


Marilyn said...

What amazing adventures this plum teapot is having. That is a wonderful photo of your saddle making dad!

martea said...

I think I enjoyed this visit the most....I can just see a father rolling his eyes but still thinking it is fun and special.