Monday, August 13, 2012

Priscilla Has Arrived

     The anticipation and excitement at the Guth house hold reached a crescendo when Miss Priscilla the Traveling Tea Pot arrived at our door.   The entire family gathered around to welcome her.  Johnny Luv did the honors of unpacking her and her all her traveling kit while I was allowed the privilege of photographing this momentous occasion.

     As we unpacked Prissy we discovered a few surprises.  Prissy had not made the journey alone, she had her trusty pet Woody tucked inside of her.  All that could be seen was a little mountie hat.  It actually appeared as though Prissy was wearing the hat herself.
     She was of course accompanied by her lovely American bow and her very intriguing passport.  But there were many lovely surprises included from Ingrid, her last hostess; tea, sweets, cute napkins, and a wonderful dill mix that will shortly be added to some afternoon scones and a wonderful tea room recipe book.
     Prissy had barely recovered from her travels when she sat down to a cozy meet and greet tea with my darling Johnny Luv and I.  We all shared a hearty cup of Mouse Trotters, Irish breakfast tea, Prissy needing something a bit bracing after her travels and Johnny Luv and I needing a bit of caffeine to start the morning.

     After tea Prissy decided to excuse herself and rest a while as she was quite done in from her travels and the excitement of meeting all of us.



Marilyn said...

So nice to see this little plum teapot travel so well. How lovely to have a sit down and enjoy some tea in the pretty teacups. What special gifts came along, my but you received some special treasures. Enjoy your month of sharing tea with this special ambassador.

Linda at Friendship Tea said...

I am happy to hear our Traveling Teapot made it to your home for the purpose of sharing tea.

Ingrid said...

SO glad she made it there, enjoy spending time and you can also use the lemon dill mix to add to your butter or cream cheese as a base for tea sandwiches. I use the flavoured butter for the cucumber sandwiches and I add it to my creamcheese for salmon etc.

Rosemary said...

What a wonderful box of goodies! Pleased to meed Johnny Luv, too!