Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On to St. Charles

     The very next day Priscilla began her celebrity tour by visiting St. Charles, MO, which is northwest of St. Louis along the Missouri river.  St. Charles was  the capital of Missouri from 1821-1826 and was the last civilized stop on the Lewis and Clark expedition for westward expansion in 1705.  St. Charles was founded by Louis Blanchette and originally named "Les Petites Cotes", The Little Hills, in 1765.

     Miss Priss was quite interested in visiting old St. Charles and see all of its lovely shops.  (Can I just say that she has quite expensive tastes?)  She began her visit by stopping by the the site of a archaeological dig where the foundation of a building built by Louis Blanchette was found.
Our next stop was at the Plank House, the oldest house in St. Charles.  It was being lived in while George Washington was President.  The owner of the house and a master wood carver was quite excited to pose with Priscilla and Woody.
Following our visit at the Plank House Priss insisted on stopping to have her photo taken with Johnny and I and a statue of Daniel Boone.  (I would be the one wearing the kitty ears, just because I like them and they matched my top).
     It was during this trip I discovered what a camera hound Priss is.  She demanded we stop for a number of photo opps.

     Here she is posing on an old wood burning stove
And here she is with Woody signing the guest register at one of the shops
     Our final stop of the day was at a newly opened tea room.  I had been waiting for almost two years for this tea room to open and was really looking forward to taking Miss Priss there for tea.  Here we are at Alice's Tea Room and Miniature Museum.
     After waiting so long for the tea room to open we were very disappointed.  We couldn't get a scone the tea was bagged and we were expected to use A teabag in a luke warm pot of water.  The food was nice but nothing too interesting and we waited quite a while for it.  The owner was very chatty and friendly but unfortunately we will not be returning to her shop.

     After a long day of shopping and exploring Miss Priss, Woody, and our family decided to call it a day and return home.


Marilyn said...

What a delightful outing for this celebrity teapot. I loved seeing her sitting on the woodburning stove and signing the guest registry. Fun to see you in your kittie ears too. It does look like you were having fun!

Colleen said...

Well, Priss is developing quite the personality as she travels, isn't she? All of you look like you had a very fun outing in St. Charles, even if the tearoom wasn't up to par.

La Tea Dah said...

What a delightful day!

Ingrid said...

What a fun day out. Loved the pictures. INgrid

Linda at Friendship Tea said...

Looks like fun adventures with the traveling teapot. I have wanted to visit St. Charles for many years. A friend participated in craft shows there and told me it is a "must visit" place.