Wednesday, August 29, 2012

After School Scones

   It seems fitting to include this post after our last visit with you.  Then we were wishing part of the family well on her way to college, today we are welcoming part of the family home from school.  My oldest daughter is working towards her GED and my two youngest children are both in high school.

     Last year we began a new family tradition.  As the children always come home wanting snacks and to chat about their day, I decided to see if they would like afternoon tea and scones.  It has turned out to be a favorite part of our day.  We all have a break from work, whether it be school or housework, and take the time to be together.  I hear everything that has gone in on school and they love having mother's undivided attention.

     Here's a photo of Prissy ready and waiting for the children to come home from school.  The tea is just finished brewing and the scones are warm from the oven.  The children are due in any minute.

     This also gives me an opportunity to use my pretty milk glass snack plates.  I inherited my love of milk glass from my mother and have a nice sized collection going.

    Here the children are home and having the tea.  They all of have enjoyed Prissy's visit so much.

     Today we enjoyed one of the children's favorite tea's a raspberry flavored black.  Unfortunately, I was out of fresh raspberries. We love to float a few in our cups.  As you can see Prissy, has jumped right into the family and has no fear of adding her two cents to any conversation.

     Our scone of the day is something new, an orange and chocolate recipe that I think will become a new favorite.

     Once tea is finished the children go off to finish up their home work and I tidy up the dishes and get back to whatever I happen to have planned for the day.


Karen's Place said...

I like the look of white dishes or in in this case milk glass you can do so many pretty table settings. Your tea time brunch looks very inviting.

Colleen said...

This is a fabulous tradition you have of afternoon tea with the kids when they come home. I see you make it a special event with the dishes, tablecloth and our lovely traveling teapot. I've loved seeing and reading of her shared in your family and private rituals.

La Tea Dah said...

This is a most wonderful tradition! And one that I think EVERY family should incorporate! Just lovely!

Rosemary said...

So very special! You are creating wonderful after school memories for your kids.

Marilyn said...

How nice to have a tea tradition with your children after returning home from school. More parents should do this to keep in touch.