Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sharing Hospitali-Tea

Meeting dear friends for dinner at a favorite restaurant brought a lovely opportunity
to share the hospitali-tea of The Traveling Teapot
with them and the staff of the restaurant. 
 The DH and I are frequent guests at this lovely family owned restaurant
and knew that they would be happy to join in the fun.
Sahara Grille in Canton, Ohio is our favorite restaurant and serves up authentic
 and fabulously delicious Middle Eastern cuisine.
They are gracious and accommodating and always greet us with a warm smile.

The dinner was wonderful and when dessert was served it was time for tea.
Our smiling server, Kayla, presented us with tall tea glasses with lemon garnish.
I requested a pot of Mango Tea from their lovely tea menu
and she brewed up a perfect pot in
The Traveling Teapot.

Mary Jane - Kayla - Carl
Kayla pours the perfect cup of Mango Tea

Owner, Layla, was happy to share in the fun of our gathering and visited our
table to say hello and thank us for coming.

 Layla and Mary Jane
The Traveling Teapot

It was so much fun to share The Traveling Teapot with our friends at Sahara Grille.
Thank you to Layla, Kayla, and the rest of the staff for a wonderful
evening with good friends, great food, and a proper cup of tea.

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Marilyn said...

I love it when we can get others involved in our traveling teapot. How fun to share tea at your favorite restaurant. Oh how I would have loved joining your there, love Mediterranean food.