Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunshine Morning


This morning I couldn't resist just having tea alone while sitting outside
and enjoying a rare morning of April sunshine.
The Traveling Teapot has been anxiously awaiting an adventure,
but I had to tell the teapot I was busy getting ready for another adventure.
An adventure in my car visiting some of you.
Soon very soon the teapot will be packed up safely in my car for
a very long ride.  The Traveling Teapot is looking forward to
the adventure and having tea with friends.
Then on May 5th it will be passed on to Mary Jane for new adventures.
I hope to share the teapots adventures until May 5th as we hit the road on
April 26th.  Come back and check from time to time as the teapot
travels with me down the highway.


Ingrid said...

Oh I love the teacup and saucer.. just so sweet. Glad you can enjoy a cuppa outside. To cold right now up here. Happy Travelling and say Hi for me to everyone at Mary Jane's. Ingrid

La Tea Dah said...

It is a beautiful day here as well! My thermometer is about 80 degrees. Going from cold to hot is quite an adjustment!

I'm glad the little traveling teapot gets to go on a road trip! I am looking forward to all it holds in store!

Travel blessings to you!

Denise said...

How exciting to be hand-delivering the traveling teapot to Mary Jane! Your photographs are beautiful, Marilyn. Such a peaceful setting.

Linda J. said...

Oh, I can feel the sunshine....

Robin CW said...

What a beautiful setting!

samovar said...

today is the 27th! travel blessings!