Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tea Pairing

The teapot's March hostess, Teresa, shared a very educational and interesting post about pairing tea with chocolate. Do you remember it? 

It wasn't long afterwards that I received a package in the mail. It was from Teresa and it was sent with a lovely note from her in which she expressed thankfulness for being able to participate in the traveling teapot project. The package also contained all the same teas and chocolates that she had tasted during her tea pairing party. Everything was so nicely organized and thoughtfully put together. I decided to set it aside to enjoy when the little plum teapot caught up with the package and arrived at my house. It's now time to enjoy pairing tea and chocolate.

The tea selections are unique and varied; a real delight. Teresa has labeled each one after individually packaging them in tea sacs. The teas are Victorian Earl Grey, Strawberry Mint Lavender, Shu Puerh Vanilla Mint, Pai Mu Tan, Vanilla Black, Maple Delight, O'Connoer's Cream, Bossa Nova, Kaluna Lime, Red Robe Oolong, and Darjeeling.

The chocolates are Lavender Chocolate, Mint Tea Truffle, Birch Cream Caramel, Honey Cinnamon Truffle, and Key Lime White Chocolate. 

Pretty little menus which instruct of the pairings were included. So was a worksheet that charts the teas and chocolates and can be marked as tastings occur.

The teacup is ready. It's time to begin. A perfect way to start the day. Can it get any better than tea and chocolate?

The teapot and I feel most honored and thankful. Much appreciation goes to Teresa! Let the tasting begin!


Marilyn said...

What a lovely gift from Teresa. I am impressed with her organization and thoughtfulness. Enjoy each and every pairing and tasting. What fun!
I think I need to go to the chocolate store and do my own pairing, hummm? What would it be?

Rosemary said...

So very thoughtful of Teresa! And what a fun treat you got to enjoy! One of our most memorable special events at Sweet Remembrances is the evening we had a tea and chocolate pairing. The class just fell together perfectly - as smooth as the tea and as sweet as the chocolates that we sampled!

Karen's Place said...

What a nice gift from Teresa. Looks like a fun way to enjoy tea and chocolate. She was the hostess before me and send several tea samples. I really enjoyed the O'Connoer's Cream. This has been so interesting learning from the teapots travels and creative hostesses.

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Teresa is a gift to the world...she brought me one of these much fun! I enjoyed all of the chocolate!! And yes, it was so nicely prepared...was fun. Only thing missing was having Teresa to share it with, huh!! What a blessing these friends are on ATAA!!!