Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hearts, tea & treasured cookbooks

This heart shaped strainer was a gift and it is
perfect to brew our loose tea. Let's enjoy Lady Earl Grey.
 Even today with recipes easily available at the click of our laptops, I still love looking at recipes in my favorite cookbooks. Cookbooks like this one can be real treasures and useful for planning tea parties, brunches, even family meals. They are filled with wonderful recipes used in tearooms. Do you have a few favorites?
Curious Prissy looks on

This one is well used and
tucked in the back are clippings with more things to try

some are easy and fun...

and some are why didn't I think of this ?

Pretty touches

Yummy savories

Hmmm quiche looks good.
The leaves are well spent and so is the time planning tea with friends.


La Tea Dah said...

Fun post! What a delightful afternoon you and traveling teapot had together. I really loved all the ideas you shared! I think Diane's cookbooks are wonderful and have them in part of my tea/cookbook collection too. But the most fun thing about this post --- was the idea of mixing sugar cubes with jelly beans. Who would'a though! Great idea! Delicious!

Thanks, Karen!

Marilyn said...

I sometimes enjoy the planning of a tea more than the actual day. Looking through books such as this one are a joy.

Dianne said...

Lovely post! This cookbook looks enchanting - does anyone know if it's still available? (not that I actually NEED another cookbook, but perhaps you know what that's like....)