Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mystery Tea Party

Priscilla is sleeping in this morning.  Yesterday she brewed 21 pots of tea, yes 6 gallons of water, and she is exhausted!  

Nine tea friends assumed the roles of various characters in Maxine's tea mystery "Sherla Combs and the Great Jewel Robberies".  You may want to make yourself a pot of tea and join us for the fun!
Front - Jewel Reebox
Middle - Goldie Locks, Lady Diamond Worthalot, Opal Winfree, Regina Rhinestone, Sapphire Blue
Back - Sherla Combs and Ruby Ring
Absent from the photo is Dr. Whatstone, who just happened to be at a doctor appointment and arrived late.
Goldie Locks couldn't find a blonde wig that was just right, so she made her own.   I wish I were this creative!  She had  us in stitches most of the day with comments like "I did my hair myself" and at the end of the day when the curls started to droop, "Have any of you noticed how my hair has grown today?"
Our tea started with a toast to friends, riches and jewels.  Sapphire Blue arrived with a couple bottles of sparkling pear juice, which she worked into her script.  
The take home favors included a jewelry bag full of fruit gems, hard candy rocks, gold and silver candy nuggets, a candy ring and a candy "karat".
I used Mikasa's "Afternoon Tea" cups and saucers.  The luncheon plates were Princess House.
Our tiered servers held our tea treats.
Top tier - Madeleine Pearls, Gold Dusted Diamond Bars, Pretzel Rings, and Gemstone Tarts
Middle tier - "Karat" Fritters, Gemstone Blocks, Emerald and Ruby Salad
Bottom tier - Cucumber Cameos, One Karat Sandwiches, Solitaire Gobblers, and Ham Rings
Closer view of the sweets
The ladies were such "characters"!
Priscilla kept everyone "filled" with tea.
The ladies joked, next time TP would make a great hostess gift.
Glitter and Gold tea fit the jewelry theme, along with Jasmine Pearls, Earl Grey Silver Tips, and Jade Oolong.
We also sampled - Amaretto Nights, Bossa Nova Oolong, Egg-citing, Ginger Black, Flowers of Hawaii, Barbara Barry Orange Grove, Raspberry Ginger White, Celebration, Taiping Houkui, Eros, Pear Black, Mint Green, Maple Delight, Ceylon Nuwara Eliya, two flowering teas and a second pot of Jasmine Pearls.
I had a hard time believing two of these tea aficionados had not seen flowering teas.   I dug out two very old balls and was surprised.  The tea was better than I remembered.  Perhaps, they were meant to be a Puerh.
Ballots were cast for the jewel thief.  Since Rosalie Rhinestone was not part of the original script, Sherla Combs allowed "write in" votes.  The ladies were creative.  The Midnight Movers and Lady Diamond Worthalot received two votes each.  Oscar (Jewel Reebox's chaufer, butler and chef), Jewel Reebox, and Sapphire Blue received one vote each.  Sherla Combs and Dr. Watstone abstained.
After six and a half hours. . . yes, six and a half fun filled hours of tea and laughs, the ladies packed their table favors and remaining tea treats in "tea" goodie bags and headed home.

We became acquainted with these "tea friends" years ago.  We would run into each other at various tea rooms.  Eventually, we compared favorites.  
A couple of the ladies hosted teas at their local historical society.  When they did away with the teas, they started visiting tea rooms as well.  
We live up to two hours from each other.  Occasionally, we coordinate tea room visits. 
And for today's tea tip - the peacock feather adornment on Opal Winfree's hat is a . . . wreath.   Yes, a quick hat
change up is none other than a wreath slipped over the crown.
Hope you enjoyed our Mystery Tea Party.  If you are free next time, we would love to have you join us!

Sips and Smiles,


s. franks said...

I enjoyed your mystery tea party. For me the best post yet in the traveling teapot. Keep up the fun.

Sandy in Michigan

La Tea Dah said...

Oh my! What an amazing post! Teresa, you're just having SO MUCH FUN! Traveling teapot is NOT going to want to leave your house! This was a fun post! Such a great group of tea friends you have! Thanks for sharing!!!

Marilyn said...

The traveling teapot is for sure having a great time visiting there. Your tea party looks like it was so much fun. What clever food too, perfect with the theme.

Karen's Place said...

The Traveling teapot is sure serving up lots of fun times! Loved seeing all the ladies at the mystery tea party.

amherstrose said...

WOW! That was some party, Teresa!
I look forward each day to see what the next big event the teapot will attend. You are going to be exhausted if you keep up this pace!

Loved all the glitter and fun hats. I would have loved being a part of this grand mystery.

Thanks for making me smile.

Mary Jane

Deanne said...

I just love this post! It looks like you all had a fabulous time together! And, the detail is incredible - from the 21 pots of tea, to the "jewelled" tea fare, beautifully decorated table, tea party favors, etc... And, I can't wait to make your lovely Violet Jelly, by the way!

I've enjoyed reading all of your posts so far, and can't wait to read more!

Rosemary said...

Such a great group of tea friends! Loved reading about how your group originated. And the tea party.... wow!

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Looks like everyone had a fabulous time! I think Priscilla will be tired when she leaves you fun home!

Sparkly Engineer said...

Your mystery party sounds fun and exciting. I love your creativity with the menu. Meeting all the characters through photos was so interesting. I believe I would have voted Goldie Locks the criminal - You can never trust anyone with hair that blond.

What a great deal of tea you all consumed. No wonder Miss Pris was so tired.