Friday, March 15, 2013

LouAnn's Tea sPot and Gifts

After all the work hosting tea, Priscilla and I decided to treat ourselves with a visit to a tea shop.  I recently learned about this new tea room in Wapakoneta.  
Entry Area
First Impression:  The tea room is located in a very homey setting.  The home was rented until LouAnn's niece visited an area tea room and the seed for a new business was planted. 
Dining Area
Tea Room Setting:  The interior is bright and cheery.  Two rooms are used as dining rooms, a prior living room and dining room.
Our Table
The back of our menu card featured a seasonal prayer, which I found a nice touch.
The Table:  The dishes are mix and match vintage pieces.  The table clothes are vintage as well and keep the room very homey.  Several sweetener options are on the table - honey, stevia, sugars, etc.  
Tea Cabinet
Tea:  Loose leaf tea from Mountain Rose Herbs is served.  There were several varieties of black, roobis, and herbal to fill your cup.  The loose leaf tea is served in a tea bag along with a pot of hot water.  
Menu card
Menu:  The menu changes monthly.  You have an option of the high tea, which includes everything on the menu; the luncheon, a choice of soup or salad and a sandwich on the menu; or respite, scones and tea.
Tiered Server
Soup and Salad
Tea Tidbits:  All the the food is homemade in house.  My favorites were the crab salad sandwich and the lemon gem.  Food was served at appropriate temperatures and was very tasty.

Entertainment:  We were busy visiting at our table, so I did not notice if there was any background music.

Owners - LouAnn on the left and Kim on the right
Service:  Exceptional!  Both ladies could not have been nicer.  When I called for reservations, I could tell that customer service was a priority.  Many guests were walk ins and they were greeted and treated as courteous as guests with reservations.  I felt as if I was a guest at their personal dinner table!
Gift Shop:  Many locally handcrafted items are available, scarves, notecards, goat milk lotions and soaps.   Tea cups, pots, tea sets, tea lamps, etc are also available.

Price:  High Tea $15
            Luncheon $7
            Respite $3

Extras:  Since yesterday was March 14 - 3.14, they also offered several types of pie.
Decor in corner of dining room
Isn't This Cute:  I ADORE this table.  If you look closely, you will notice the bottom pulls apart and the sides flip up to form a larger table.  At first I thought this was a tea cart, but I think this little table is much cuter!

We look forward to visiting this tea room again.  They just opened December 4 of this past year and the story of how I discovered it will be in a future blog.  Let me tempt you with this -  "A teapot walked into a bar . . . "

Have a tea filled day. 

Sips and Smiles,


La Tea Dah said...

What a nice time you had! Everything is so clean, fresh, and beautiful. It looks like LouAnn pays much attention to the little details and gracious hospitality!

Karen's Place said...

Lucky you and Prissy visiting such a inviting and charming tearoom. The soup and salad caught my eye. Glad you got out for a nice time and fellowship.

Rosemary said...

This looks like a place I would enjoy! Fun photos.

Marilyn said...

I must say you and this plum teapot are having quite the adventures. How special to have tea in this tearoom too.

Jane said...

I am a resident of Wapakoneta and have enjoyed the Tea sPot since it opened. I can assure you that each month's menu has been equally delicious. My friend and I were at the table next to yours on the day you visited. I was intrigued by the tea cosy your teapot wore. Now I have learned the rest of Priscilla's story. So glad you enjoyed your time here. BTW, your grandson is adorable, and such a good baby! His tea room manners were impeccable.

Sparkly Engineer said...

I am enjoying your adventures with Priscilla today. I really like the prayer you shared from the tearoom