Saturday, March 9, 2013

Temple of Tolerance

Priscilla's belly is full of Jasmine Pearls this morning.  This tea is from Elmwood Inn Fine Teas.  What is in your cup?

We made a detour to Wapakoneta on our excursion the other day.  One of our stops was the Temple of Tolerence.  I asked a couple of ladies for directions to the "rock yard".  They gave me the address and told me "There might be a few rocks in front of the house.  Just walk up his driveway and the rocks are in the backyard."
few rocks in the front yard?  I parked across the street and walked up the driveway on the right.

Priscilla thought this looked like a nice spot to rest.

We admired many rock megaliths. 

 There were many paths with twists, turns, and metal gates. 

This barrel house has bullet holes, which were shot into it during prohibition.  

I wish I had an aerial photo.  Each time I thought I was at the end, we would make a turn and another entire section of rock would appear.

Eventually, you arrive at the "temple", a large mound of rocks.  The stones and things made from stone were collected in the area.  Most of the rocks came from farmer's fields.  Steps lead to the summit, but we didn't make the climb.  

Many rock formations surround the temple area. 

The walk was very relaxing and pretty on a snowy afternoon.

We had the place to ourselves, except for a few birds.

When I dropped my donation at his front door, I picked up his business card.  
James R. Bowsher
Writer - Archaeologist
Folklore Collector - Lecturer
Master of the Temple of Tolerance
203 South Wood Street - Wapakoneta, OH  45895

I did a bit of research on the internet after I returned home and found it took him eighteen years to build.  "A few of his favorites: a slab from a bank counter that robber John Dillinger leapt over; a potato-shaped rock from Woodstock; the front step of the former Klu Klux Klan headquarters in Wapakoneta. "I ask black people to sit on the step," said Jim, "so they can liberate it."   The place is much larger than it looks from the road.  I was thinking, a back yard.  This gentleman owns the entire middle of the block, about two dozen back yards!  He has a catalog of all the rocks with photos, their location and where he found them. 

It is amazing that someone has built something so unique in their back yard.

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La Tea Dah said...

What an amazing concept. What an interesting place for you and Prissy to visit! I would enjoy seeing it in the summertime too. The snow made everything very pretty, but I imagine that green grass, plants,and trees would be just as nice.

Jasmine Pearls --- a belly full --- fortunate teapot!!!

Marilyn said...

I loved visiting here with you. It reminds me of a similar place in Kansas. Aren't these local attractions fun to visit?

Deanne said...

I am definitely putting this on my husband's and my bucket list! So beautiful in the snow!!

Sparkly Engineer said...

What a fascinating trip. It looked serene and peaceful as well.