Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Top o' the Mornin!

Priscilla was not a happy little teapot this morning.  She awoke to find little leprechauns had been at work in "her" home.  The house was in disarray, the milk was green.  Even the bath water was green.
Leprechaun Tricks

We hope you will stop back this afternoon to join us for a St. Patrick's Day tea. 

Irish Goodies
Irish Tea Menu
Corned Beef and Kraut on Rye
Spiced Beef and Jam on Potato Bread
Carrot Coins
Paprika Potato Tarts
Assorted Irish Cheeses and Crackers

Toasted Irish Soda Bread 
Double Devonshire Cream

Leprechaun Cookies
Green and White Butter Cookies
Irish Whiskey Truffles

English Breakfast Tea
Sips and Smiles,


La Tea Dah said...

Oh dear! Pricilla is going to have quite a day with green milk! I know that your St. Patrick's Day afternoon tea will be a delight, though. Hopefully she adjusts and will cooperate with you!

Karen's Place said...

Seem mischief makers have been busy. Happy St. Patty's Day!

Marilyn said...

You are certainly giving this little plum teapot an adventure. Wow! Now green milk! Look forward to your afternoon tea.

amherstrose said...

Those naughty little sprites.

What other mischief will they be up to???

Will there be green tea???

amherstrose said...
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YourTeaLife said...

Poor Priscilla...I'm sure she will recover soon being surrounded by those yummy looking treats!

Marilyn said...

Your tea looks extra special. I love the way you have carried out the St. Patrick's Day theme. The cookies are so cute too! What fun this teapot has had visiting with you. I am sure there will be more before you send her on her way. What memories she will have.

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

You are the best mom! I am feeling guilty!

Sparkly Engineer said...

Seems like a rather happy St. Patrick's day household. I'm sure Prissy will get into the spirit of it all.