Monday, February 4, 2013

Fancy Foods Show

Fancy Foods Show San Francisco

Today we went to Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco.  I was looking at products I might use in a small tea business, especially products and packaging made locally.  But of course I also wanted to check out teas and tea-related products!  I thought this was a great opportunity to introduce the Traveling Teapot around.

The morning started with breakfast of cooked oats (hardy and long-lasting) and tea, Yunnan Gold from Dan Robertson of The Tea House in Napiersville, IL.  A good friend, Babette, was visiting, and you can see she was working away on the computer bright and early, preparing for her workday at the Fancy Foods!  I was thrilled that I could again share the plum Teapot.

There were a number of tea businesses at the show- big and small.  I tried to get photos of the Traveling Teapot with many of them.  The Republic of Tea does not allow photos of their displays, hence the lovely fountain with the Teapot!  I really wanted to get a photo with John Harney, but the Harney and Sons’ booth was 3-4 people deep and I was too shy to push forward. 

This was a mother-daughter team at Revolution Tea from Phoenix, AZ- very nice tea in sachet bags.

 I really enjoy teas from Art of Tea in Southern California, and here is owner Steve Schwartz with Thomas Shu, Tea Specialist, of ABC Teas also in Southern California. 

 I LOVE Sencha Naturals mints, so I excitedly shared them with the Traveling Teapot.  I also really like the little glass teapot dispensers.
And here the Teapot is checking out Numi Gardens' new line of Savory Teas- vegetables, herbs and spices mixed with decaf tea.  Interesting, but not to my liking.

The Traveling Teapot was definitely a hit.  People loved the teapot and its story, as well as the opportunity to share in a picture.  At the Sencha Naturals booth, as I was setting up for a picture, a woman stopped and reached out for the Teapot, saying “Oh, how beautiful!  Are you selling this too!”  She wanted to know where could she get a cozy like that- I of course told her to search online for Marmalady.

After a day wandering the concrete halls, carrying the Teapot and, as the day progressed, more and more brochures and giveaways- I left with aching feet and absolutely exhausted.  Was it the concrete floors, the all-day stimulation, or just age sneaking up?  Whatever- I came home, fixed a simple dinner and rested, with my feet up, sipping a cup of Imperial Tea Court Spearmint tea.   


La Tea Dah said...

The Traveling Teapot really has been an ambassador under your care, Colleen. Nice post!

Marilyn said...

Every year I want to attend this Fancy Food Show. It does look and sound just wonderful. It was quite lovely to see a little glimpse of the vendors there and one of them I even recognize.