Thursday, November 15, 2012


Beaches ~ Oh, the excitement today!

When houseguests arrive, they want to go to the beach and they want to learn to surf! 

The little plum teapot was no exception!

What better place could there be than Huntington Beach which is known as Surf City. The U.S. Open of surfing is held here each summer,

Bike rentals are plentiful here, but many also bike to this famous beach to enjoy it. Enjoy the view of Catalina Island across the water as we wait……

for the little plum pots first board lesson!  Oh, the excitement!!!  The surfers all cheered!  We brought a big Hershey’s Almond Bar to share.The little plum teapot is now officially the little plum surfer dude!

Safely back on shore, it was time to head home and get back to the business of steeping tea.

 *Calming* is my thought as I sip the fragrant *Ammo* botanical of hand tied cinnamon bark with star anise and licorice from the Art of Tea.  Its shape suggests a surf board to me.

 “Out of water, I am nothing”
Duke Kahanamoku


relevanttealeaf said...

Another exciting adventure for the little plum teapot to Huntington Beach and SURFING! ;-) Loved the photos and your creativity.

Marilyn said...

To the beach and Huntington at that is just the perfect adventure for the little plum teapot. This is the beach where Jim learned to surf so many years ago and I can picture it well. How fun it would have been to have that big chocolate bar and sit there watching the surfers with tea. I love your creativity with the pictures too. Seeing it in the bicycle basket and on the surf board is delightful. Then coming home for relaxation with a special tea - what a JOY.

Steph said...

:-) You're having so much fun!

Rosemary said...


Donna and Miss Spenser said...

I have some time this evening and have been going back over your posts...I have enjoyed it again a second time. Just noticed I hadn't posted a comment on this very special trip!! Brings back such funny memories of a bike ride to the beach!! The first and last 20 some mile bike trip to the beach! ha.