Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Dog Walking Park

Walking my dog at Pt. Isabel Park

All my adult life I’ve had cats- even up to 4 at one time.  I love cats, and my husband loved cats.  I also love dogs, but my husband did not like dogs, so that was always out of the question.  These last couple of years, I’ve contemplated getting a little dog and researched dogs, rescue sites, etc.  I found a great little Bichon-mix (doesn’t shed!) last October and am learning how to take care of a dog again.  It is very different than fifty years ago, when we just kept them outside in the back yard all the time!

Dino's never far from me.

One of the appeals for me about getting a dog was to get out walking every day.  It wasn’t the most pleasant activity in the pouring rain of November and December, but this month we’ve had beautiful weather- cold and dry but crystal clear.  So Dino and I ventured out today for the first time to walk at the Pt Isabel dog park, right out on the San Francisco bay.  Pt Isabel is part of our East Bay Parks district and is wonderfully maintained.  I expected it to be quiet and empty at 8:30 in the morning, mid-week- but, oh no, lots of dogs and lots of professional dog-walkers with 4-5 dogs on and off leash.  There is a regular paved path following a small inlet of water, but there are fields and small hills with many narrow walking paths as well.

Yes that is the Golden Gate bridge in the background.  I live in the east side of the San Francisco bay area, nestled against the hills and directly across the bay from the Golden Gate.  On beautiful clear days, it cannot be beat!  After forty years, I'm still astounded some days at the beauty.

There is an outdoor café and a dog-grooming center at the center also!  So after our walk, Dino was bathed and groomed while I sat out having a bagel and hot tea (Republic of Tea's Irish breakfast) from the café.

Following are pictures from different days at Pt. Isabel.  One day I had lunch with the Traveling Teapot while Dino was getting a bath!  Another evening, Dino and I walked with my dear friend, Sue, and her dog, Pepper- and watched the sunset behind Mt Tamalpais in the North Bay.  The views are always spectacular.


La Tea Dah said...

Dino is a beautiful dog!

What a nice place to walk your dog. It would be fun to be among so many other dogs and dog walkers. I'm glad you were able to enjoy relaxing times with the traveling teapot at the dog park!

Marilyn said...

What a very cute dog. How fun to take him to this dog park and walk and play, then stop to have tea. The views you get to enjoy are just set in my heart, I remember them well. What a treat to see the Golden Gate bridge and the bay each day.

Vicki said...

I hadn't realized that your address was on the east sideof San Francisco bay! I grew up in that area, in Alameda County!! But I haven't been back for 30 years, so I'm sure I would never recognize it. Thanks for sharing the photos!