Friday, September 28, 2012

Bon Voyage Traveling Teapot!

Tuesday night I packed up The Traveling Teapot
with the new Marmalady's Cozy,
the Canadian Beaver,
the Key to the City of Berea,
amazing Passport created by Mary Jane and Carl,
a few other items passed along in a ziploc bag
and a few special items for Andrea. 

At breakfast on Wednesday, AJ wished the teapot "Bon Voyage"
and, off to the USPS local post office we went.
Customs paperwork was filled out
and postage was paid. (yikes!)
Andrea, it is your turn to host The Traveling Teapot.
We are all anxious to read your adventures here soon. 


Marilyn said...

That box is growing with all the goodies traveling along with the teapot. I can only imagine what size it will be by the end of it's adventures. Happy travel dear little plum teapot.

Rosemary said...

Safe journeys! Looking forward to foreign adventures!

marthae said...

Its been such fun to travel with you and the little plum pot around Kentucky and learn more about some of the attractions there. What a nice visit and busy month for the traveling teapot.

La Tea Dah said...

Safe travels, little teapot. What fun adventures you've been having. Looking forward to hearing of more!

Karen's Place said...

What a treat look at her, she's all packaged in Breast Cancer Pink Bubble Wrap and lots of fun tea treasures. Happy Travels little plum teapot!