Thursday, May 31, 2012

Proper Documentation

The Traveling  Teapot  Journeys to a Special Destination

The Traveling Teapot has worked very hard 
here at The Amherst Rose,
so we decided to take her on a journey
and travel to a place we have always wanted to visit.

For this excursion we would all need a Passport,
so of course we made a special one 
just for The Traveling Teapot
to take on the trip.

The Traveling Teapot has everything she needs for the trip . . .

and so we packed her up in her special traveling bag and
off we went on an adventure.


Rosemary said...

Mary Jane! You are having fun, aren't you!?

Marilyn said...

My goodness, but this little plum teapot is having some special adventures. Even a password! Amazing! Now I am wondering where this teapot is traveling.