Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello there little Plum Teapot

The Traveling Teapot went with me on Friday evening to my women's group.
My women's group meets once a month for a potluck.
I usually bring the dessert.
This time I brought oatmeal cookies and tea in the traveling teapot.
Now I must say, I do love my women's group; but they like wine and coffee.
I shared the story of the plum teapot and they graciously each accepted a
small taste of the tea.  Then they wanted their coffee.
Can you imagine, I am the only tea drinker among the seven women.
Are there ever times when you try to share the thrill of a lovely pot of tea
and your guests just want their coffee?
I guess we can't convert them all, can we?
I tried~


La Tea Dah said...

And good for you --- that's how it is for me a quilt guild. But, never give up. Some will be converted to the pleasures of tea --- eventually.

Your women's group event sounds like a lovely monthly tradition.

Ingrid said...

Welcome to my family.... they are all from the "dark" side... coffee all the way.

Sometimes I feel like a I am the only civilized person in the crowd.... lol

Karen's Place said...

a brave effort on your part, devote coffee drinker are a tough breed, not like gentler tea connoisseurs..

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling Marilyn but proud of you to be so brave. LOL By the way, I always love your photography.

Colleen said...

Yes! I don't understand how so few of my friends actually drink and love tea- how did that happen? and how did I not notice?